Is On the Count of Three Based on a True Story?


Directed by Jerrod Carmichael, ‘On the Count of Three’ is a darkish comedy movie about two buddies, Val and Kevin. Kevin is recovering from his latest suicide attempt, whereas Val is caught in a dead-end job. Tired of their sufferings, the 2 make a suicide pact to be carried out later that day. Knowing that this could be their ultimate day inside the dwelling world, the 2 embark on a cathartic revenge journey. 

The movie presents a bleak and darkish side of life and retains the viewers hooked with its darkish comedy. Christopher Abbott joins Carmichael in portraying the 2 best buddies on-screen with phenomenal chemistry. Given the heavy however wise subjects and eventualities depicted inside the film, followers can’t help nonetheless marvel if the storyline is impressed by actuality. Well, proper right here’s all you need to know!

Is On the Count of Three Based on a True Story?

No, ‘On the Count of Three’ is not going to be based on a actual story. The script for the movie was written by Ari Katcher and Ryan Welch, which translated on-screen fantastically as a result of of the directorial experience of Jerrod Carmichael. The darkish comedy is his first stint as a director of a operate film, and he made constructive to keep up the storyline as close to actuality as attainable.

“There are people we consulted with, and again you want to make sure you play it as true to the experience as you can because that’s what the texture of the film is based on,” Carmichaeltalked about in a Zoom Q&A with Page Six after the movie’s premiere on the Sundance Film Festival. “We talked to people, of course, and it’s also personal experiences and personal things that you know to be true, and you don’t want to change or adapt that based off of what could potentially be the popular or more palatable choice.”

Carmichael beforehand labored with Ari Katcher and met Ryan Welch by way of him. The comedian, actor, and filmmaker outlined how the idea bought right here out. He instructed Vulture, “…but it was an idea he [Katcher] talked about: What would these two guys do on their last day alive? And I remember talking about that movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, The Bucket List, riffing on that premise, but thinking of the truer, more abrasive version of what you’d actually do with your last day.” He added, “When we were finished with The Carmichael Show, we finally had time to focus on a film. Ari and Ryan wrote this funny and thoughtful script, and we said, ‘Let’s take this out.’”

One of the most essential obstacles that the manufacturing confronted was the aversion merchants had in direction of such a dark-themed story, “It was turned down by everybody. People would get very excited and be enticed by the story, but there was always a fear of it. Not just a fear of public response but a fear of, like, the balance — it really is a high-wire act, where it’s about everything coming together, landing in a specific spot,” Carmichael shared.

However, reasonably than being dejected, Carmichael was enthused by the rejections. Eventually, he found supportive financial backers and poured his private money into the movie as correctly. The movie does make good on its promise of a daring script. Val and Kevin don’t draw again from the topic of their dying and discuss it frequently.

In the interview with Page Six, Carmichael revealed why he wasn’t concerned with reference to the film presumably being thought-about a glorification of suicide. The director-actor mentioned, “I’m really big on the intelligence of the audience and their ability to interpret from an ending like their own emotion and trusting that.” He ended by saying, “We played the story out to its logical conclusion.”

While the story of Val and Kevin is not going to be true, the evaluation put into the script was to ensure that the climate portrayed inside the movie are rooted if truth be told. Instead of having fun with up their antics for leisure, Val and Kevin’s thought course of is a reflection of many who uncover themselves in the identical state of affairs.


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