Is Rodney Burford Deaf In Real Life?

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When Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer, was featured inside the scary Netflix assortment DAHMER—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Rodney Buford, a standout character from this technique Deaf U, purchased one different likelihood to shine (carried out by the good Evan Peters). Tony Hughes, who’s deaf and mute, is portrayed by Buford.

Burford was merely one different college scholar making an attempt to make it on the earth sooner than he appeared on Deaf U. According to Screenrant, he was born someplace spherical Washington, D.C., and he presently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He attended the Maryland School for the Deaf, and his dad and mother are every Ivy League graduates.

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Burford participated in highschool soccer as an athlete. At Gallaudet, the place he carried out linebacker, he resumed his athletic occupation. He enrolled inside the institution as a freshman by way of the 1017–2018 academic yr, and although we are going to’t make certain of it, he has most likely since graduated.

Is Rodney Burford Deaf In Real Life?

According to FBI data, Hughes was born in 1959. He wasn’t born deaf, nonetheless after receiving treatment inside the hospital, he started to lose his listening to. He was reportedly moreover deaf. The audio usually cuts off all by way of positive scenes inside the current, giving us a glimpse into the tragic Hughes’s life.

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