Is Soul Surfer (2011) Based on a True Story?


Directed by Sean McNamara, ‘Soul Surfer’ is a gripping drama movie that speaks regarding the vitality of faith and dedication inside the face of a very powerful adversities. It follows Bethany, a 13-year-old aspiring surfer who lives in Kauai, Hawaii, collectively together with her mom and father and two brothers. During a apply session collectively together with her biggest pal Alana, she loses her left arm in a tragic shark assault. Slowly, she begins shedding hope as a results of her accidents along with the fastened scrutiny by the media.

However, when Bethany has an eye-opening experience all through her youth group journey, she refuses to give up on her dream and begins preparing onerous to make a comeback in searching. With its extraordinarily motivational narrative that portrays the wonderful thing about resilience, ‘Soul Surfer’ connects to the viewers with its relatable characters. Moreover, it choices an real depiction of searching methods along with trauma all through restoration. Like us, once you too are questioning whether or not or not the movie is impressed by an precise specific individual or events, permit us to find out the reply collectively? Let’s begin!

Is Soul Surfer a True Story?

Yes, ‘Soul Surfer’ depends on a actual story. It is personalized from Bethany Hamilton’s autobiography ‘Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board.’ Born on February 8, 1990, in Kauai, Hawaii, to Tom and Cheri Hamilton, Bethany grew up with two older brothers, Noah and Timothy. She began searching on the youthful age of three, and after commencing aggressive searching, she purchased her first sponsorship at age ten.

On the morning of October 31, 2003, Bethany went collectively together with her pal Alana Blanchard to surf alongside Tunnels Beach, accompanied by the latter’s father Holt and brother Byron. As Bethany spoke to Alana whereas lying on her surfboard, she was immediately attacked by what appeared like a 14-foot-long tiger shark. Luckily, she was helped to the shore by the Blanchards, and Holt quickly created a tourniquet out of a surfboard leash to tie up irrespective of remained of her left arm.

Although Bethany claimed that she didn’t actually really feel a lot ache, she misplaced 60% of blood on the way in which wherein to the hospital and suffered a hypovolemic shock. Not merely that, she modified her father inside the working room, who was scheduled to have knee surgical process that day on the equivalent hospital. Surprisingly, the shark that attacked her was caught and killed by a family of fishermen solely a mile away from the place it bit her. After shedding her left arm beneath her shoulder, the proficient surfer started a gradual restoration and was determined to get once more to her board as shortly as potential.

Furthermore, Bethany shared her eagerness to return to the sport in a November 2003 interview and said, “If I don’t get back on my board, I’ll be in a bad mood forever.” Within merely 26 days of the accident, she taught herself to surf with one arm and miraculously entered her first opponents in January 2004. At first, she adopted a personalised board that was longer and thicker, with a cope with for her correct arm to paddle increased.

Since then, Bethany has had a prestigious searching occupation after turning skilled in 2007. She has even been featured in a variety of TV reveals and reputed magazines. Not merely that, the shark assault survivor has authored a variety of books to encourage readers. Apart from her media actions, Bethany is a part of fairly a few Christian outreach functions for girls and amputees as a a part of her foundation, Friends of Bethany. When her e e book was revealed in 2004, the idea for a biopic started floating spherical.

After quite a few back and forth, Sean McNamara was launched as a result of the director, nevertheless he wished to go looking out additional supplies on Bethany than the e e book shares. “It’s a straight account of what happened,” he stated in a February 2011 interview. McNamara added, “A film needs conflict, so we met Bethany’s family and explored her past. I figured there must have been a struggle that wasn’t in the book.”

In addition, producer David Brookwell shared that they found a variety of areas to cowl, such as a result of the impression of the media on the Hamilton family and their faith, along with Bethany’s insecurities about her new look. “When the press descended on them, it was almost like a second shark attack…It thrust them into the limelight and changed their lives,” he shared. After struggling for years to build up funding for the movie, it lastly went into manufacturing spherical 2010.

Bethany and her family personally chosen AnnaSophia Robb to play the lead character inside the movie and helped choose a variety of additional key cast members. To hold authenticity, the actress wore a inexperienced sleeve and a prosthetic to match Bethany’s arm. In addition, the skilled surfer expert her on-screen counterpart for a month to arrange for the operate. She even carried out the stunts herself for sequences set after the shark assault.

AnnaSophia ensured that she adopted Bethany’s recommendations and desires on how she wished to be portrayed. In an April 2011 interview, Bethany praised the movie’s lifelike treatment of events and stated, “I love how in the movie that moment is portrayed very spot on with the way it happened. That was one thing I was nervous about because I didn’t want them to make the shark attack into this vicious experience and overly dramatize it.”

To further add a sensible ingredient, McNamara hottest filming the actors as a substitute of the stunt people inside the water. So, the manufacturing employed expert locals to info the crew members. Apart from Malina, all the alternative characters inside the movie are primarily based on precise people. Therefore, the actors labored terribly onerous to essay their respective roles exactly. Thus, we are going to say that other than a variety of exaggerated parts, ‘Soul Surfer’ is normally an real account of Bethany’s life. The movie targets to encourage the viewers to not hand over on their needs, irrespective of any state of affairs.


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