Is there a chance following movie on Showtime?


Ray DonovanFollowing the huge goodbye movie tonight on Showtime, is there any kind of chance in all of a Ray Donovan period 8 occurring in the future?

We do not wish to hem and haw a solution right here for some extended period of time, so allow’s proceed and also reach it: Don’ t obtain your hopes up way too much. As much enjoyable maybe to think of even more of this program in the future, there is absolutely no proof of it occurring. This movie was developed to successfully reverse the awful and also last-second termination of the program after period 7. That was done mostly for price factors to consider, as programs have a tendency to obtain pricey late in their runs and also the Liev Schreiber collection was never ever all that low-cost to begin with.

Because there is even more of a suitable end to the tale tonight, it feels like there’s no straight factor to proceed points yet– though you can never ever state never ever when it involves the franchise business as a whole. There’s constantly a chance that we might obtain some kind of spin-off, or that Showtime might find out a means to establish one more program in the very same cosmos. Some of it might depend on the viewership for the movie itself.

At the minute, what we do understand without a doubt is this: Showtime is very-much mindful that fond memories aids to pay a few of their costs. We’re coming off of Dexter: New Blood being just one of their most effective programs ever before, and also there is cash in a great deal of these collection that customers had a chance to supervise the years. Unfortunately, we would not state that Ray Donovan was ever before anywhere near as preferred as Dexter This plus the price and also closure of tonight’s movie make it not likely that we see this very same precise globe once again.

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