Is They/Them Based on a True Story?


Peacock’s ‘They/Them’ is a slasher horror movie directed by debutant John Logan from a screenplay Logan penned himself. The film revolves spherical a gaggle of kids who arrive at a gay conversion camp. While coming to phrases with the camp’s experimental methods, the group ought to fend off a mysterious serial killer wreaking havoc on the camp. Given the gory and stunning events of the film that contact upon the theme of gender conformity, viewers must be questioning whether or not or not the film is impressed by precise events. In that case, allow us to share each half everyone knows regarding the inspiration behind ‘They/Them.’

Is They/Them a True Story?

No, ‘They/Them’ shouldn’t be based totally on a actual story. The film depends on a fictional story written by John Logan. Logan has labored on hit films similar to Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator‘ and Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Aviator.’ In an interview, the ‘Skyfall’ scribe opened up regarding the conceptualization of ‘They/Them.’ Logan revealed that as a child, he was a fan of horror movies. However, he felt dismayed by the dearth of presence of queer characters in horror films.

The screenwriter turned director acknowledged that even when horror movies attribute gay characters, they’re marginalized, and their storylines aren’t given a lot significance. As a finish end result, Logan was impressed to make a horror movie about queer empowerment. He well-known that he desired to see queer characters as a result of the protagonists of a horror film, and the idea served as a result of the genesis for the creation of ‘They/Them.’

The film’s premise revolves spherical a gay conversion camp and its day-to-day events. Logan revealed that he spoke with precise people who had gone by the use of conversion treatment at distant camps. He well-known that such camps are the setting for slasher films. As a finish end result, Logan decided to combine his love for slasher movies with the experiences of precise people to develop the film’s major premise.

However, the film’s events themselves aren’t precise. The story is a piece of fiction and takes place in a fictional camp. Speaking regarding the movie’s theme, Logan well-known that whereas there are horror parts similar to leap scares and a masked killer, the precise horror revolves throughout the youngsters going via psychological torment on the camp about their gender identities.

Likewise, the film challenges a variety of tropes and conventions of the slasher model. For occasion, the usual “bury your gays” trope, which sees films resorting to killing off queer characters, is subverted throughout the movie. Moreover, it tackles the theme of gender conformity and highlights the misconceptions regarding the LGBTQ+ group in an emotionally resonant methodology. Hence, the characters appear actual wanting, and viewers be part of with their struggles.

Ultimately, ‘They/Them’ shouldn’t be based totally on a actual story. The film is a outcomes of writer-director John Logan’s love for slasher films and need to create a queer empowerment film. The movie attracts some inspiration from the experiences of precise people who’ve expert conversion treatment ensuing from their conflicting gender identities. However, the story itself is fictional. It has semblance to actuality by the use of its actual wanting characters and performances of stable members.


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