Is Tyler Langford Based on a Real Person? Where is He Now?


Paramount+’s comedy film ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’ follows Jerry Selbee, who discovers a loophole inside the WinFall lottery sport to amass assured earnings. He shares his discovery collectively along with his partner Marge Selbee and the couple begins to buy 1000’s of WinFall tickets. As Jerry and Marge reap earnings, Tyler Langford, a Harvard University scholar, moreover discovers the flaw inside the WinFall lottery system and competes in opposition to Jerry to realize in all probability essentially the most doable payout. As the film depicts the tensions that come up between Jerry and Tyler, the viewers ought to must know whether or not or not the latter is predicated on an precise particular person. Let us share the reply!

Is Tyler Langford Based on a Real Person?

Tyler Langford is allegedly based on James Harvey, a then-MIT scholar who moreover discovered the loophole inside the WinFall lottery sport. A arithmetic major in his remaining semester on the time, Harvey acquired passionate about Cash WinFall whereas researching for an unbiased analysis enterprise. It didn’t take prolonged for him to hunt out out {that a} participant would possibly buy income all through the roll-down week by having fun with Cash WinFall efficiently. He collected $20 from 50 people and bought tickets for $1,000, solely to earn $3,000 using the similar. Along with Yuran Lu, a fellow MIT scholar, Harvey started an enterprise named Random Strategies Investments LLC to play Cash WinFall, as Tyler does inside the film with Eric.

When Jerry and Marge used computer-generated tickets, Harvey and his group stuffed out lottery slips to stay away from duplicates. The number of tickets bought for a draw even reached 300,000. In August 2010, Harvey and his group made an unorthodox-yet-significant switch whereas having fun with the lottery sport. When the Massachusetts Lottery didn’t announce a roll-down as a result of the jackpot money didn’t hit the required $2 million, Harvey and his workforce took good thing about the similar by triggering a roll-down. They bought a whopping 700,000 lottery tickets for $1.4 million. Since the roll-down wasn’t launched, Jerry and Marge didn’t buy the tickets, which enabled Harvey and his group to amass a $700,000 cash income with none very important rivals.

As Tyler’s actions have an impact on Jerry and Marge inside the film, Harvey and his group’s efforts to create a roll-down shocked the real-life couple genuinely. “They [Harvey and his group] took us out of the game. Intentionally,” Jerry talked about in regards to the specific draw, as per Jason Fagone’s eponymous article, the provision textual content material of the film. According to the report of the Massachusetts state inspector primary of the time, Greg Sullivan, who investigated the Cash WinFall sport, Harvey and his group earned $17-18 million by having fun with the lottery sport. Even though he hadn’t revealed the exact income decide he and his workforce made, the OIG estimated that his group made on the very least $3.5 million sooner than taxes all through the seven years it was vigorous.

Even though Tyler bears similarities to Harvey to an extent, screenwriter Brad Copeland likely had taken inventive liberties to conceive the earlier for the sake of dramatic features. Although Tyler and Jerry confront each other a variety of cases inside the film, there aren’t any sources to indicate that such confrontations occurred in precise life.

Where is James Harvey Now?

After the shutdown of Cash WinFall in January 2012, Harvey and Yuran Lu’s enterprise acquired closed down in May 2012. He primarily based ZeroMailer in March 2012 and was the CEO of the similar till November 2014. The agency was based in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Harvey may also be the co-founder of QuicklyChat, which he primarily based with Yuran Lu. From November 2014 to September 2017, he labored in Dropbox as a software program program engineer. In September 2017, he moved to Samsara, the place he labored until October 2020. From February 2021 to September 2021, he was a a part of Pilot.

As per sources, Harvey for the time being resides in San Francisco, California. He has chosen to take care of his non-public life and points, along with the connection standing, private. When Jason Fagone was writing the provision story of the film, the journalist requested an interview with Harvey, nevertheless he didn’t reply.


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