Is Verónica Montes Based on Viviana Haeger? Where is Mario Medina Now?


Netflix’s thriller sequence ‘42 Days of Darkness’ revolves throughout the disappearance and subsequent murder of Verónica Montes, who vanishes from her residence in an affluent group beneath mysterious circumstances. The police and her family conduct intensive searches for her, only for her husband Mario Medina to hunt out her ineffective physique inside their very own residence’s attic. Víctor Pizarro, the Montes family’s lawyer, begins to suspect Medina of worrying throughout the ambiguous murder. As the sequence progresses via the investigation and subsequent murder trial, one needs to be questioning whether or not or not Verónica is an precise murder sufferer. Well, permit us to share the reply!

Is Verónica Montes a Real Murder Victim?

Verónica Montes is a fictionalized mannequin of real-life murder sufferer Viviana Haeger, who disappeared from her residence positioned throughout the commune of Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, Chile. Viviana was the partner of Jaime Anguita and mother of Vivian and Susan. She disappeared on June 29, 2010, with none acknowledged whereabouts. The an identical day, Jaime acquired a cellphone identify from an unknown amount that educated him of his partner’s supposed kidnapping, only for him to misunderstand it as a rip-off. However, he realized shortly that his partner is actually missing when Vivian reached home after faculty to return throughout her mother’s absence.

The police started the investigation beneath the assumption that Viviana was kidnapped nonetheless there weren’t any ransom calls throughout the following days. The search for her was intensive nonetheless fruitless. August 9, 2010, Jaime contacted the police and educated them that he had found his partner’s ineffective physique throughout the attic of their residence. The precept of suicide was initially considered and the presence of a herbicide, which could have prompted her lack of life, was well-known throughout the autopsy. A second autopsy was carried out just about two years after Viviana’s lack of life by exhuming her physique, which concluded that the rationale for her lack of life is undetermined.

The breakthrough throughout the case occurred when José Pérez Mancilla was arrested. Mancilla confessed to killing Viviana on behalf of Jaime, the deceased’s husband, who allegedly employed him to commit the crime. The confession of Mancilla, who labored in Jaime’s agency, outcome within the husband’s arrest. Both of them had been put in preventive detention until the trial. Jaime and Mancilla’s trial occurred in 2017. The husband was acquitted of the murder price attributable to a shortage of proof whereas Mancilla was convicted of theft with homicide and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, which included the 679 days he was in preventive detention.

Where is Mario Medina Now?

Mario Medina, Verónica Montes’ husband throughout the current, is a fictionalized mannequin of Viviana’s husband Jaime Anguita. After getting acquitted of the murder price, civil engineer Jaime restarted his life in Puerto Varas with Vivian and Susan, his two daughters. They started dwelling in a downtown home throughout the metropolis. In an interview given in 2017, Jaime talked about that he has no grudge or hatred within the course of Viviana’s family, who had been essential of the choice that acquitted him.

In 2019, Jaime, Vivian, and Susan sued the State of Chile for compensation of just about 2,000 million pesos for the damages prompted on account of negligence on the part of the police division, licensed medical service, and most of the people ministry throughout the investigation of Viviana’s lack of life. The go properly with moreover claimed that Jaime was tortured as part of the investigation. In 2021, Consejo de Defensa del Estado (State Defense Council) rejected the compensation demand and described the money involved as “excessive.”


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