Jerry Stomps Murder: Where is Hazelynn Stomps Now?


In February 2009, the loss of an army professional from Corbett, Oregon, stimulated a massive search. But as the detectives dug much deeper, they recognized that the guy could not have actually been missing out on in all. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Wonderland Murders: Slippery Slope’ narrates Gerald Stomp’s murder as well as the unusual situation of his kidnapping that was at first outlined to the authorities. So, if you’re interested to learn extra, we’ve obtained you covered.

How Did Jerry Stomps Die?

Gerald Ervin “Jerry” Stomps was an Oregon citizen that employed in the Army right after ending up senior high school. After offering in the Vietnam War, he was fairly released in 1973. Jerry had several tasks that he functioned, consisting of rental residential or commercial property handling, landscape design, as well as Christmas tree farming. The 60-year-old had actually been wed to Hazelynn for concerning 39 years as well as invested a great deal of time outdoors. Together, the pair had 2 children.

Image Credit: The Oregonian/Lori M. Stomps

On February 6, 2009, passersby discovered Hazelynn alongside a roadway in Multnomah County,Oregon She declared to have actually been struck by an unknown guy that tossed her off the bridge while an additional guy pursued her spouse. The look for Jerry proceeded up until a couple of days later on when the pair’s residential or commercial property was looked. Over there, the authorities discovered charred bones that were later on determined as Jerry’s via oral documents as well as DNA screening. At the moment, the cops thought he was eliminated however might just recoup 10% of the skeletal system.

Who Killed Jerry Stomps?

Lynn informed the cops that somebody called Dave had actually called Jerry relating to getting their watercraft. On that day, Lynn selected Jerry to speak about the sale and afterwards fish. There were 2 males, as well as after a run-in, she declared that a person of them took out a weapon. According to her, Jerry was ferreted out a course by among the males while the various other tossed her off the bridge, hurting her hips.

But the look for Jerry generated no ideas concerning his location. In the meanwhile, the authorities maintained examining Lynn as well as saw incongruities in her tale. The last time enjoyed ones bore in mind seeing Jerry got on January 30, 2009. Lynn supplied the police officers with a listing of individuals Jerry spoke to as well as the locations he saw leading up to his meant kidnapping, however they might not affirm that details.

Furthermore, security video revealed Lynn driving Jerry’s cars and truck to Klickitat, Washington, where they had animals, as well as returning to Oregon on the day prior to Jerry was reported missing out on. A search of the pair’s residence disclosed Jerry’s weapon was discharged two times. When checked out, Jerry’s blood was discovered on the weapon as well as inside the barrel. The authorities thought that Lynn fired her spouse at the very least when in the head at close quarters, severed the body, as well as invested a number of days melting up the remains.

Witnesses at the location where Lynn was discovered claimed that there really did not appear to be any kind of proof that a battle happened. Another guy that inspected the course where Lynn claimed her spouse went seen there weren’t any kind of impacts in the location. Soon, the tale Jerry’s better half informed the cops started to break down swiftly. The authorities likewise checked out the inbox of the e-mail address that was made use of to position a Craigslist advertisement for the watercraft. However, they could not locate any kind of actions for it.

The cops after that picked up from good friends that Jerry had actually been pondering divorcing Lynn prior to his fatality. Furthermore, Lynn was likewise in major debt, something the household recognized absolutely nothing of. While a specific intention was vague, the prosecution thought financial resources might have been a factor. The investigators picked up from a lessee that he saw smoke originating from the residential or commercial property simply days prior to Jerry was reported missing out on. Then, the injury doctor that dealt with Lynn after the supposed autumn indicated that her injuries did not associate the tale of her diminishing a bridge.

Where is Lynn Stomps Now?

In January 2011, Lynn, concerning 57 years of ages after that, stood test for Jerry’s murder. The protection claimed that the fatality might have been due to a residential physical violence event, an act dedicated throughout the warm of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, she was condemned of first-degree murder as well as punished to life behind bars with the opportunity of parole after 25 years. Lynn’s youngest kid, Adam, made his rage obvious when resolving his mommy in court. He claimed, “You took someone I loved very much, and you stole him away with an act so violent and evil I can’t even say the words. I hope you burn in hell.” Prison documents suggest that she stays put behind bars at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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