Kalinka Bamberski’s Death: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?


With Netflix’s ‘My Daughter’s Killer’ bringing the tragic demise of Kalinka Bamberski into the limelight, every single aspect of her case is being rigorously examined from every angle as quickly as as soon as extra. That’s because of it not merely had a 14-year-old on the doorway and coronary heart however as well as spanned every France along with Germany for virtually three a few years, only for vigilantism to be the catalyst for justice. So now, should you occur to need to examine all of the required particulars about this baffling matter, its ensuing approved investigations, and its equally confounding aftermath, don’t worry; we’ve acquired you coated.

How Did Kalinka Bamberski Die?

At the cusp of 15, Kalinka Bamberski was an extroverted, on a regular basis smiling teenager who was primarily the apple of every her mom and father’ eyes no matter the actual fact they’d separated years prior. That’s why though she was seemingly comfy collectively together with her mother and stepfather in Lindau, Germany, she had plans to maneuver once more to her father in Pechbusque, a suburb of Toulouse, France. Unfortunately, nonetheless spherical a month sooner than her full shift, inside the morning hours of July 10, 1982, the youthful woman was found ineffective in her mattress—her physique was already stiff with rigor mortis.

Since Kalinka had spent yesterday windsurfing on the shut by Lake Constance and had returned residence complaining of feeling ailing, it was initially suspected she’d handed away from heatstroke. Another (further unlikely) thought was that her demise might’ve been the extraordinarily long-delayed however direct outcomes of the concussion she’d sustained in 1974 all through a vehicle accident in Morocco. Nevertheless, although her preliminary autopsy specified damage near her private parts, which moreover contained a in no way acknowledged whitish substance, a rationalization for demise couldn’t be clearly determined.

It was established that Kalinka’s stepfather Dr. Dieter Krombach had not solely injected her with a supposed iron complement on July 9 nevertheless had moreover administered totally different treatment in his attempt to revive her. The latter was no matter the actual fact he’d seen her stays had already begun stiffing, a aspect almost every medical expert found uncommon considering his expertise inside the space. Eventually, in 1988, it acquired right here to gentle that {{the teenager}} had choked on her private vomit as an apparent response to the iron injection, leading to her passing from asphyxiation and cardiovascular shock.

Who Killed Kalinka Bamberski?

While Dr. Dieter Krombach had claimed to supply Kalinka the complement on the eve of her demise, her autopsy concluded she’d been pierced merely throughout the time of her demise at 3 or 4 am. This, along with the sexual assault-like proof, precipitated him to land inside the scorching seat in her father’s eyes from the get-go, however the officers reportedly didn’t even question him face-to-face. As if that’s not enough, one different uncommon aspect inside the case is {the teenager}’s missing genitals upon the exhumation of her physique in 1985, which suggests it took a really very long time for model new assessments to be carried out appropriately.

Moreover, Dieter later contradicted himself by insisting he’d given the cobalt-iron injection to the 14-year-old to cope with an anemic scenario considerably than to help her tan within the summertime. He even claimed to have given her a sleeping pill that night sooner than lastly (in 1997) being convicted of drugging and raping a 16-year-old affected particular person at his office, solely elevating extra doubts. By this stage, following intense efforts by Kalinka’s father, Dieter was tried in absentia in France, nevertheless the European Court of Human Rights overturned the choice he’d unintentionally precipitated her demise in 2001.

Therefore, in fear of the statute of limitations, Kalinka’s father, André Bamberski, shortly took points into his private palms and orchestrated Dieter’s abduction from Germany to France in 2009. His means had been unquestionably incorrect, nevertheless he was worthwhile because of the doctor was not returned to his homeland afterward; as a substitute, he stood an exact trial in connection to {the teenager}’s case. With the prosecutors’ argument that he drugged his stepdaughter to rape her and many girls coming forward to testify to his a variety of sexual assaults by the years, Dieter was convicted.

In October 2011, Dr. Dieter Krombach was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars for “bodily harm leading to the unintentional death” of Kalinka Bamberski. However, in his mid-80s, he was granted early launch in February 2020 for medical causes, solely to go away once more in Germany in September.


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