Kayra Armstrong: Where is Dawn and Antonio Armstrong’s Daughter Now?

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While there’s no denying the sudden passing of Texan couple Dawn and Antonio Armstrong shook their neighborhood to the core, no one was further affected than their daughter Kayra Armstrong. That’s on account of, as profiled in ABC’s ’20/20: I Have Been Watching,’ she sadly not solely misplaced her dad and mother however moreover sort of misplaced her elder brother Antonio Jr. “AJ” and maternal half-brother Joshua. So now, for individuals who wish to research further about her — with a specific consider her experiences, her opinion on this matter, along with her current standing — we’ve obtained all of the necessary particulars for you.

Who is Kayra Armstrong?

Thanks to her devoted mother and former NFL athlete turned entrepreneurial father, Kayra was rising up in a principally fully pleased, faith-driven household when the rug obtained swept from beneath her ft. The then 12-year-old actually nonetheless remembers she had spent a lot of days alongside along with her grandmother sooner than getting picked up by her cheerful 16-year-old brother AJ to return dwelling on July 28, 2016. She then admittedly frolicked alongside along with her mother for a while earlier to following her routine and heading to mattress, unaware that this is perhaps the ultimate time she’d see Dawn or have an entire family.

After all, Kayra was awoke by AJ mere hours later on account of their dad and mother had been shot of their mattress — one factor she couldn’t even comprehend until she observed Antonio being rushed away. Her father handed away hours afterward the hospital, and the preteen was deemed too youthful to navigate the scene the place her mother had already died, which suggests she truly didn’t see her as soon as extra. Though the one issue Kayra did discover was her maternal half-brother Joshua (or simply Josh), whom Antonio had adopted, arriving on the house minutes later, solely to be distinctly smelling of weed.

The actuality is Kayra is technically a witness, so she was later interviewed by officers sooner than being launched to her grandparents, merely to shortly shockingly research AJ had been arrested for the murders. The ensuing few months have been thus extraordinarily arduous for her, however she in no way as quickly as thought her brother may need harmed their dad and mother in any means, type, or sort, consistent with the ’20/20′ episode. “When I went back to school, I just kind of felt out of my body really,” she candidly stated. “They would talk about stuff and I couldn’t tell you what was being said because my mind was just gone.”

Kayra later added, “I would think about my parents; I would think about AJ… [There’s] not a single doubt in my mind. He couldn’t have. Nothing could ever be said that would make me believe AJ killed our parents.” However, in distinction to most of their family, who has stood by the then 16-year-old from the get-go, she didn’t voice her opinions in public until he actually stood trial on two counts of capital murder for the first time in 2019.

Where is Kayra Armstrong Now?

It was all through AJ’s trial along with retrial in 2022 that Kayra defended him in further strategies than one — she backed the safety’s thought of Josh in all probability being accountable and deemed their dwelling’s security system glitchy. Since the prosecutors had implied an inside job and thus implicated her brother by telling jurors the alarms inside the early morning hours of July 29, 2016, hadn’t even gone off, she made it recognized it had been showing up for a while.

Kayra testified she was the one to have set the protection system on the evening time of the homicides, although it ceaselessly malfunctioned merely as a precaution. “Sometimes the alarm was set when a door was still open, or sometimes it would go off unexpectedly,” she talked about in court docket docket. “It was really finicky.” On the other hand, coming to her brothers’ relationship with their dad and mother, she admitted that whereas AJ had not too way back been having trouble owing to his grades, it was Josh who normally had conflicts with the couple.

“He was there, but he wasn’t there,” Kayra testified, referring to the months when Josh had moved once more into the family dwelling in May 2016 upon leaving school, merely to get an residence shut by weeks sooner than the incident. “He was distant. He acted like he was the black sheep of the family. He acted like our parents loved us more because we were biologically related to both of them.”

Kayra further conceded her half-brother had been doing drugs to such an extent that “he stopped caring about things like his appearance or getting haircuts.” This, consistent with her narrative, solely worsened inside the days, weeks, and months following their dad and mother’ murder, notably as Josh grew to turn into violent, claimed to hearken to “demonic voices” inside his head, and confirmed superior indicators of schizophrenia. She mainly in a roundabout way indicated his psychological effectively being may’ve pushed him to murder, resulting in AJ’s second mistrial.

As for Kayra’s current explicit particular person standing, from what we’ll inform, the college-aged woman is attempting her best to maneuver on from the earlier whereas nonetheless supporting AJ to the right of her abilities. She due to this fact prefers to maintain up her distance from most people eye, which suggests we solely know that she graduated from Hightower High School in Missouri City, Texas, as a varsity volleyball participant in 2022. In totally different phrases, her newest personal, tutorial, or expert experiences are sadly unclear in the intervening time.


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