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Khalid shows that summer is for grape soda hair


Welcome to another week of grooming gods. This week we have all the walks in a dangling style, from fresh new cuts to shaggy guys.


Matching your hair to your lighting scheme is a seriously high level.

Andrew Scott of Milan, June 21, 2021.Mondador Portfolio / Getty Images

Andrew Scott

This guy didn’t come to the Armani show.

June 21, 2021, Tom Daley and Elsa Hosk in New York City.Gotham / Getty Images

Tom Daley & Elsa Hosk

Leave it to Daily to make it look like he’s walking down the Venice promenade as he walks his kids around New York City.

Jordan Barrett of Soho, June 20, 2021.Gotham / Getty Images

Jordan Barrett

The mullet season has officially begun.

Justin Bieber in Paris, June 21, 2021.Mark Pierceki / Getty Images

Justin Bieber

New haircut and refreshing khaki. The beaver has been delivered.

June 18, 2021, Slick Woods in Los Angeles.Joss / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Slick Woods

Would you recommend hitting your eyebrows the next time you feel like reaching for neon dyes?

Alex Rodriguez of New York, June 21, 2021.Media Punch / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez

Clean crops, tight T-shirts — A-Rod is ready for a single lifestyle.

Rob Zombie in Los Angeles, June 20, 2021.BLW Media / Starmax / Getty Images

Rob Zombie

When your dog has a cleaner crop than you, you know that your beard is the correct length.

Jerome Boaten, West Hollywood, June 22, 2021.Mega / Getty Images

Jerome Boaten

Boateng knows how to work with the stack. The top is the top knot and the bottom is the goatie.

Dan levy

This is what we call “somewhere in Northern Italy” hair.

Jesse Williams, New York, June 19, 2021.Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Jesse Williams

Monochrome, gold chains, and some thick scratches: just as good on the red carpet as anywhere else.

Khalid shows that summer is for grape soda hair

Source link Khalid shows that summer is for grape soda hair

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