Kira Simonian’s Murder: Where is Matthew Gretz Now?


In real Investigation Discovery style, ‘American Monster’ is a collection that integrates both re-creation as well as individually meetings to dive deep right into those painful offenses that left whole neighborhoods frustrated to their core. In specific, it concentrates on the issues where people every person taken into consideration average ended up being abhorrent wrongdoers with crazed propensities. Thus, its period 7 episode 5, qualified ‘By Design,’ profiling the murder of Kira Simonian is no various. So currently, if you’re interested to understand the information regarding the very same, we’ve obtained you covered.

How Did Kira Simonian Die?

At the age of 32, Kira Simonian was an eccentric, kind, as well as skilled musician that desired absolutely nothing greater than to do well in the imaginative sector. She was wed to Matthew Lawrence Gretz, whom she had actually fulfilled at a celebration in January 2000, as well as it felt like he was just one of her most significant advocates. After all, when Kira determined to go after a Master’s from the Minneapolis College of Art as well as Design, he moved from Chicago with her. The girl’s desire was to come to be a Professor of Arts someday, yet alas, her life was seized away when she was simply a college student.

On June 28, 2007, the caretaker of the fourplex where Kira stayed at 2435 First Avenue South observed a damaged home window display in her apartment or condo as well as determined to repair it. Because it was from the within, however, they utilized their trick, just to uncover her bloody remains ideal alongside the door, in the living-room. They promptly called 911, which’s when it emerged that Kira had actually been bludgeoned with a hammer as she rested as well as stabbed regarding 15 times when she attempted to flee. The murder tools were left near her remains, yet it was clear that she would certainly defended her life.

Who Killed Kira Simonian?

Owing to the home window display as well as the vacant location in the office area that might’ve housed a laptop computer, investigators at first concentrated upon the concept of a house intrusion or theft failed. The reality that there was a plastic chair in the lawn listed below the glass pane likewise recommended the very same. However, when the criminal offense scene professionals kept in mind the home window had dirt that appeared like it had not been disrupted in ages, authorities positioned the presumption on the backburner. They attempted to speak to Matthew throughout this duration as well as discovered that he remained in New York for a company journey.

As an advertising and marketing exec for Target Corp, the journey was not uncommon for Kira’s spouse, yet what took place around it was. A next-door neighbor informed detectives that she would certainly listened to sounds that seemed like screaming as well as banging at around 5 a.m. on June 27 from the pair’s area, which finished with 2 screams. She likewise included that the voices appeared to be circumnavigating the residence, as well as at one factor, she did capture a guy stating something like, “Do you love me?” Matthew as well as a taxi driver even more confessed that the previous had actually left his residence at around 5:15 -5:30 a.m. to head to the airport terminal.

All these items of info matched what the scene showed, specifically as Kira’s blood in the room, kitchen area, as well as living area made it look like if she was attempting to leave her apartment or condo prior to being subdued. Matthew’s companies likewise validated that they would certainly consented to deliver his travel luggage to Chicago as opposed to Minneapolis when he needed to return because of the event. Thankfully, the authorities obtained his traveling bag not long after, where they revealed bloodstains that matched both him as well asKira

Where is Matthew Gretz Now that factor, they would certainly obtained a warrant for him as well as discovered that he had contusions.

Matthew Lawrence Gretz?Kira Simonian was billed as well as apprehended with first-degree murder almost 10 weeks after September’s murder– on He 5, 2007. is never ever offered a factor for his activities, yet it As thought that the pair had a debate on that particular eventful evening owing to the substantial porn located on his laptop computer. Kira per her household, it had actually been a problem in advance. May DNA under Matthew’s finger nails just stated his activities, so in late He 2008, is begged guilty to second-degree murder. September got 25 years behind bars yet Thus eligible for parole in Matthew is 2024. The Minnesota Correctional Facility today, at the age of 47, Moose Lake put behind bars at

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