Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained



In the fifth episode of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ season 2, titled ‘Snowmen, Snowball Fight, Year’s End, and New Year’s Day,’ the current revolves spherical Najimi, Tadano, and Komi as they rejoice the first winter snow by having fun with open air and establishing a snowman. The titular protagonist later visits her grandmother, the place she meets her cousin Akira, and the 2 have a very good time collectively. Here’s all of the issues it’s worthwhile to know regarding the ending of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ season 2 episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

As she wakes up throughout the morning like each different unusual day, Komi seems to be like out of the window nevertheless surprisingly finds Najimi and Tadano standing and waving in the direction of her. She wastes no time in changing into a member of them and learns that Najimi observed the snowfall early throughout the morning and decided to go to Tadano’s residence immediately so that they could identify others and play. When Tadano makes a small snowman, Najimi suggests to Komi that they should make a a lot larger one.

With each other’s help and a great deal of onerous work, the trio manages to assemble an unlimited snowman merely open air Komi’s residence. They take some break, after which they’re joined by numerous of their classmates and a bunch of elementary youngsters for a snow battle. While Najimi, Tadano, and the rest of the classmates sort the highschool employees given that elementary youngsters are a participant fast, Komi has to affix them. When the battle begins, Komi naturally turns into very defensive and can’t even deal with to throw the snowballs at her classmates.

(*5*), an overexcited Najimi and Tadano merely outplay the elementary employees, who had been initially determined to indicate themselves. Within a few minutes, nearly all of their avid gamers are eradicated, leaving Komi and Shiota because the one ray of hope. Having watched his comrades fall to the underside one after the opposite, Shiota loses his persistence and tries to exit on an all-out offensive assault leaving the protection of snow obstacles behind. He manages to eradicate Tadano and Agari inside numerous seconds.

However, strolling correct in entrance of the enemy camp appears to be an enormous mistake, and merely when Shiota is about to indicate his consideration to completely different avid gamers from the opposing employees, he receives a direct hit on his stomach and is right away eradicated. Realizing that Komi is the one surviving member of their employees, the elementary youngsters mentally hand over the battle nevertheless are shocked when Komi walks straight in the direction of the enemy employees and eliminates Yamai to win the game.

Turn out that Yamai had eradicated her private employees members because of she wanted Komi to win the game. On new yr’s eve, Komi’s family visits her grandmother’s place, the place the titular protagonist meets her cousin Akira. The duo immediately hit it off, and Akira even teaches Komi to play hanafuda. Just after they’re about to play in opposition to at least one one other, their grandmother entails the room and challenges the duo to play in opposition to her one after the opposite.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Who Wins the Hanafuda Game?

The first match is carried out between Akira and Komi’s grandmother, who is completely assured of worthwhile. Akira doesn’t take her frivolously and comes up with intelligent strikes throughout the hopes of defeating her, nevertheless the grandmother appears to be too good for her. She lastly manages to indicate points spherical on the ultimate second and wins. (*5*), when Komi’s flip entails play the game, Akira has extreme hopes for her, nevertheless she moreover is conscious of that her cousin has merely barely familiarized herself with the hanafuda.

In the first jiffy, Komi follows one amongst Akira’s earlier suggestion to utilize the attractive enjoying playing cards first. While this generally is a good method for amateur hanafuda avid gamers, it’s not primarily the easiest issue to do. As one switch after one different seems to backfire, Akira begins to lose all hope, nevertheless Komi has someway used Five brights consecutively, which is the highest-scoring combination, and ends up worthwhile the game.

How Does Komi Celebrate the New Year’s Day?

On new yr’s day, Komi visits a shrine collectively together with her cousin and grandmother. She wears a standard robe and seems so ravishing that she manages to draw the attention of everyone there. When she offers her prayers and makes a need, her grandmother checks with Komi whether or not or not her last yr’s need acquired right here to be true. When she replies throughout the affirmative, her grandmother asks her to produce gratitude for the same, which Komi does with none questions.

Since one in all many shrine maidens is missing that day, Komi joins Inaka to produce her assist to the people. When she struggles to talk accurately, Inaka offers her a paper so that she’s going to write in its place of trying to speak to everyone. After just a little little bit of wrestle, she manages to do correctly. Later, when their work is over, Komi thanks Inaka and wishes that they’ll hopefully get along with each other this yr.


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