Lou Ann LaBohn: Where is Miss Cleo’s Ex-Partner Now?

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While there’s no denying Youree Dell Harris (or Cleomili Harris) led a considerably large, distinctive life in her grownup years, it was her work as television psychic Miss Cleo that garnered nationwide consideration. After all, as explored in HBO Max’s ‘Call Me Miss Cleo’ by means of these closest to her, the self-proclaimed priestess had a positively elephantine persona to match her alleged unflagging abilities. Amongst them on this genuine was thus her former romantic confederate Lou Ann LaBohn — so now, must you wish to be taught further about her along with their affinity, we’ve purchased the necessary particulars for you.

Who is Lou Ann LaBohn?

It was once more throughout the mid-2000s that Lou received right here all through Cleo for the first time at one in every of their mutual mates’ openly LGBTQ+-friendly café, only for them to quickly uncover a spark not like each different. The former actually nonetheless remembers their first interaction vividly since she’d merely come out on the age of 61 and was better than capable of lastly be her true self, resulting in her very first relationship. “Patti [Lucia, the Mother Earth Sanctuary Café owner] was outside, talking to this amazing-looking woman that I didn’t recognize, but just beaming smile,” she reminisced inside the HBO manufacturing.

“I was immediately attracted to her,” Lou added sooner than revealing their pal Patti then launched them and stepped inside as if to verify they could have , vital dialog alone. “We just ended up laughing together and having some fun,” she talked about, which lastly superior into them attending to know one another on a deeper, relatively extra personal along with intimate diploma. “I was so thrilled because she was so interesting,” Lou continued. “I was thinking, ‘What in the world would she see in me, this white woman from Wisconsin.’ I couldn’t put that together, but she thought I was funny.”

Lou and Cleo thus fell head over heels in love, reportedly making such an unbelievable unit that it appeared as within the occasion that they’ve been traversing by lifestyle practically effortlessly, because of at the least one one different’s help. They even moved in collectively — Cleo’s look inside the 2014 documentary ‘Hotline’ was seemingly filmed of their shared home — nevertheless alas, they couldn’t make points work in the long run. According to Lou, she didn’t see the highest coming however conceded they’ve been further like distanced roommates than lovers in direction of the highest, that’s, until sooner or later inside the 2010s, Cleo merely knowledgeable her she was transferring out.

Where is Lou Ann LaBohn Now?

From what we are going to inform, Lou at current resides in Lake Worth, Florida, the place she serves as not solely the President of Drug-Free Compliance however as well as the proprietor of the LAL Art Studio. In totally different phrases, The George Washington University Legal Studies graduate is a social worker along with an artist wholly dedicated to her work, the entire whereas doing her biggest to honor these she has misplaced. After all, apart from Cleo, it appears as if she moreover misplaced her brother Army Sgt. Gary R. LaBohn to the Vietnam War once more in 1968.


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