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Mismatched fashion is the trend.6 ways to master the blend


At stake When I got out of the bedroom last afternoon, my boyfriend looked confused. “What’s happening here?” He leaned his head and asked, staring at my rising. A tie-dye Proenza Schouler dress underneath a refreshing khaki trench from the gap. “It looks like I couldn’t decide.” The truth is, I couldn’t — so I didn’t. It was my first time wearing a real outfit in over a year and it was too difficult to choose just one aesthetic.

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Many women face the same predicament as when the United States was opened, and we delve into the long-neglected wardrobe and revisit the process of deciding to dress. It is difficult to settle on only one. We want to wear it all. The result is quirky and unintuitive styling, or subtle mismatches. This is best described as a tailoring equivalent to “chaotic good” when it works.

“I want to dress up like hell. I do it to go shopping for groceries,” said Leandra Medine, a New York fashion writer known for her mismatched skills. It was. She attributed the new popularity of the trend to excessive excitement. “Personal style is a meaningful form of self-expression that suddenly disappears during a pandemic,” she said. “And after a year of accumulation of energy, curiosity, emotions and anger, we are finally at a turning point where we can regain this form of self-expression.” Ergo, we do everything, We make our appearance as creative as possible.

This typical 70’s marigold and brown knit and unexpected color combinations like pop and bright seafoam skirts stand out on the sidewalks of the new and crowded city.

Take Morgan Rossi, the global client director of LinkedIn in New York, as an example. “The only shopping I did during the quarantine [was for] It’s a really special piece, “said Rossi, 30,. “And those were the first things we wanted to get when we got back to real life.” She couldn’t wait to break her loot and made several different purchases at once. Recently, she combined feather-like Manolo Blahnik heels with practical Nirirotan trousers (both acquired to block) for a family dinner.

Non-expert dressers need to use more strategies when it comes to mismatching efforts, adopting comparable part creativity and restraint. Costumes should feel unexpected and comfortable, but they are never unknowingly thrown together. It needs to be cohesive and considered, but it doesn’t have to be tightly tuned. It is a balance that is easy to make a mistake.

Those who have learned high school algebra may want to adopt Medeen’s formula. [of the outfit] For all parts of the bigger trend, like grunge. ”

If fractions aren’t your strength, New York designer Rachel Comey advises: Start by wearing a “normally not worn” pattern and see how it feels. Classic prints such as stripes, polka dots and plaids are a great entry point as they blend well with other patterns. You can also stick to one motif and experiment with the scale. For example, mix exaggerated polka dots with tiny polka dots, as shown in “About Dots” below.

Collision prints of citrus lime shades make your morning commute even more enjoyable.

The more confident crusher creates outfits with subtle binding threads, such as two different floral petal pink colors and the ease of use of undulating blouses and refreshing gym shorts. It looks almost imperceptible and offers the quality of “I don’t know why, but it works”.

Medine believed that the mismatched approach reflected the many and sometimes discordant roles women play.

I don’t know the identity that straddled the trench coat and tie-dye look. Perhaps a free-spirited, slightly posing hippie (dress) and that of a wise adult with her life (trench). But this is the beauty of dressing up. You can experiment with different conflicting identities as a way to explore yourself.

With that in mind, this wise hippie plans to continue the mismatched course. And the man’s grimaces can’t discourage me.


An absolute sure guide to pull off a combination of 6 clashing clothing

Shirt, $ 188,; Skirt, $ 1,530, Miu Miu, 212-641-2980; Sunglasses, $ 350,, Sweater, Approx. $ 720,; Shoes, $ 795, Salvatore Ferragamo, 212-759-3822

About dots

Overlapping macro and micro polka dots is twice as fun, but flapping this combo can cause dizziness for passers-by (not objectively interesting). Cue from the balanced ensemble above and choose one color for every spot. The resulting look brings out a smile, not a dive.

Vest, about $ 410,; skirt, $ 685,; bag, $ 1,590, Balenciaga, 212-328-1671; shoes, $ 650,

Try Time Warp

Combined with hilarious pastel tones like lavender and seafoam, the seemingly outdated 1970s brown and orange palette feels amazingly up-to-date. Instead of grabbing the same old jeans, try such a bold knit sweater with a simple silk wrap skirt or preppy pink chinos.

Shirt, $ 128,; Pants, $ 1,495,

Strange couple

Do you have floral pants idling behind the closet? number? Now, find some and combine them with the classic striped Oxford. The shared timeless quality makes these seemingly inconsistent patterns work in ensembles. And like other good couples, they bring out the best of each other: floral pants give the shirt excitement, and striped shirts suppress the statement pants.

Sweater, $ 195,; Blouse, $ 990, Salvatore Ferragamo, 212-759-3822; Skirt, $ 3,100, Dior, 212-931-2950; Shoes, $ 295,

Color theory

Mixing patterns requires practice. Beginners should try different prints in similar colors. This creates a cohesiveness. For example, this cardigan, plaid skirt, and floral top are in sync because they feature similar shades of green.

Rachel Comey Shirt, $ 375, Kick Preet, 512-445-4500; Skirt, $ 890, Carolina

Opposition temptation

If there was a time to refuse taboos about wearing active wear, that would be the year spent at spandex at home. When it’s back, try high-tech, nylon running shorts, wavy silk tops and other items you’ve never thought of pairing in your closet. Fantastic blouses are made more casual with simple black shorts, and the refreshing ease of use of both pieces connects them.

Shirt, $ 790,; Shorts, $ 40,; Shoes, $ 625, Manolo Blahnik, 212-255-2600; Sunglasses, $ 350,

Flower trip

Have you collected valuable flower clothes in the garden for years? Don’t assume that you can only wear one at a time. Choose a variety of floral patterns with similar base colors, such as the white and pink flowers depicted in this outfit, and confidently combine them to make your summer look harder to predict.

The classic Midtown striped shirt makes a strong impression when paired with a playful peony print.

Styling by Rebecca Malinsky, hair styling by Ledora Francis, makeup by Andrew Colvin, model Viktoria / Supreme

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