“My Dreams Always Come To Pass” — Mercy Eke Reveals Winner of 2023 Presidential Election


Renowned actuality star, Leniency Squeeze, opens up on a fantasy she had regarding the competitor who arose as a result of the victor of the 2023 official political race.

The BBNaija ex-housemate took to the miniature contributing to a weblog stage, Twitter, to share a fantasy she had whereas stressing how usually her fantasies materialize.


As per Leniency Squeeze, the Work Party’s official competitor, Peter Obi, will come up as a result of the champ of the 2023 official race.

“I had a fantasy peter OBI won the 2023 official political race my fantasies generally happens, is potential folks,. We can do this. P O is clear, how about we push and implore more diligently. We are near making Nigeria incredible again🙏🏾,” she composed.


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