New Strawberry Watermelon Prime Energy drink tastes like ‘Chupa Chups’

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KSI and Logan Paul have launched a Prime Energy drink in two cool new flavours along with Strawberry Watermelon.

The genuine drink Prime Hydration is a naturally flavoured beverage with 10% coconut water, BCAAs, antioxidants and electrolytes.

It’s designed that may help you “refresh, replenish, and refuel” and was launched by the British and American YouTubers in January 2022.

Now, a 12 months later, they’re once more with a mannequin new drink beneath the Prime mannequin, however it absolutely’s solely accessible inside the US correct now…

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New Prime Energy drink launches in US

KSI and Logan took to Instagram this week to announce the model new drink referred to as Prime Energy.

It’s the equivalent because the distinctive Prime Hydration drink nevertheless incorporates 200mg caffeine, making it an energy drink like Lucozade, RedBull or Monster.

“200mg caffeine, 0 sugar, 10 calories, 300mg electrolytes, coconut water, & 5 delicious flavors,” they wrote alongside the US launch date of January 4th.

You can merely inform the excellence between Prime Hydration and Prime Energy on account of the model new beverage is obtainable in a can comparatively than a bottle.

It went on sale on for people aged 18+ nevertheless has provided out already following huge demand.

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Brand new flavour Strawberry Watermelon

Prime Hydration is obtainable in 4 flavours: Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime and Grape. Plus, there have been two restricted model decisions Meta Moon and Ice Pop.

The new Prime Energy is obtainable in plenty of the same flavours nevertheless has two thrilling new ones too that you simply simply’ll undoubtedly have to attempt.

The Prime Energy flavours are:

  • Orange Mango (NEW)
  • Strawberry Watermelon (NEW)
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Tropical Punch
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Fan says it tastes like Chupa Chups

The new Strawberry Watermelon flavour is already a company favourite with followers who love the sweet model and vibrant pink can.

One particular person has likened it to a lolly, writing: “INCREDIBLE flavour. By far the best of the four. Reminds me of Strawberry Chupa Chups from years ago.”

Chupa Chups is a Spanish mannequin of lollipops and totally different confectionery primarily based in 1958 that’s provided in over 150 nations world large.

“When is Strawberry Watermelon (Hydration) and Prime Energy coming to the UK. WE NEED PRIME!” said one different.

Plus, the distinctive drink Prime Hydration appears to be accessible inside the new flavour inside the UK too, although this hasn’t been confirmed:

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