No, Narnia And Harry Potter Are Not Related: Related Theory By Fans Explained


Fans have exhibited a robust curiosity to discover the potential of a associated connection between the worlds of Narnia and Harry Potter.

The worlds of literature have captivated readers for hundreds of years, transporting them to magical realms and charming their imaginations. 

Two well-liked collection which have enchanted readers of all ages are “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis and “Harry Potter” by J.Ok. Rowling. Both collection have garnered immense success and have a faithful fan base. 

However, regardless of some hypothesis and fan theories, you will need to make clear that Narnia and Harry Potter aren’t linked or set in the identical fictional universe. 

While followers have introduced intriguing theories suggesting a connection, these theories are largely primarily based on conjecture and aren’t supported by the authors or the textual content of the respective collection. 

No, Narnia And Harry Potter Are Not Related

It is obvious that Narnia and Harry Potter are not related and don’t exist inside the similar fictional universe.

When analyzing whether or not Narnia and Harry Potter are associated, it’s important to contemplate the first sources, interviews with the authors, and the texts themselves. J.Ok. Rowling and C.S. Lewis have each publicly said that their works aren’t set in the identical universe and aren’t linked. C.S. 

Similarly, J.Ok. Rowling has explicitly said in interviews that Harry Potter exists solely inside his personal universe and doesn’t share any connections with different fictional worlds.

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The completely different mechanisms of accessing these worlds, amongst different disparities, additional emphasize their distinctness and lack of connection.

Narnia And Harry Potter Related Theory By Fans Explained

Despite the overwhelming proof in opposition to the connection between Narnia and Harry Potter, followers have give you their very own theories and speculations

One such concept means that the presence of a wardrobe in each collection signifies a connection. In the collection, the wardrobe serves as a portal to the magical land of Narnia. 

Some followers argue that since a wardrobe can also be current within the Harry Potter collection, within the Room of Requirement, there may be a connection between the 2 worlds. However, this concept overlooks the truth that the operate and objective of the wardrobes within the two collection are completely completely different. 

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In Narnia, the wardrobe is explicitly established as a portal, whereas in Harry Potter, the wardrobe within the Room of Requirement is just a hidden area, not a gateway to a different world. 

Harry Potter And Narnia Same Universe Speculation

Among the numerous fan theories and speculations, one which has continued through the years is the concept that “The Chronicles of Narnia” and the “Harry Potter” collection exist inside the similar universe. 

This concept takes it a step additional by suggesting that the Pevensie kids, the central characters in Narnia, have been, in truth, the well-known Hogwarts Founders. While this concept could appear intriguing at first look, a better examination reveals a number of flaws and inconsistencies.

The foundation of this concept lies within the similarities between the characters and their respective roles within the two collection. 

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However, you will need to notice that these similarities will be attributed to frequent archetypes and storytelling conventions slightly than an precise connection between the 2 collection. 


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