Nolle Prosequi Meaning

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Nolle prosequi, normally typically known as nol or nolle professionals in approved Latin, means “to be unwilling to pursue.” In distinction to an involuntary dismissal, this type of petition to dismiss is utilized by prosecutors to proclaim that they’re voluntarily ending a felony case sooner than the trial or sooner than a verdict is rendered.

Nolle prosequi is most frequently used as a declaration in felony cases, nevertheless in areas the place it’s approved in civil cases, a plaintiff who voluntarily relinquishes their claims will put it to make use of.

A plaintiff in a civil case may choose to submit a retraxit or a switch for voluntary dismissal as a substitute of a declaration of nolle prosequi, counting on the personalized and authorized tips of a positive jurisdiction.

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Nolle prosequi is an announcement a prosecutor may make sooner than or all through a felony trial to say they received’t pursue further prices in the direction of the defendant.

Courts not typically flip down nolle prosequi pleas. Following a declaration or motion by the prosecution, judges inside the United States will ordinarily sign a dismissal order drafted by the prosecution or make a docket entry indicating the case has been resolved nolle prosse.


Key witnesses might need disappeared or refused to cooperate, the proof is also insufficient or comprise lethal flaws in light of the allegations, the prosecutor might need modified their ideas regarding the defendant’s guilt, the defendant might need been confirmed innocent, or the defendant might need died sooner than the charges could be confirmed.

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It has moreover been utilized when a defendant is charged with a federal crime after a state prosecutor declines to file prices for the same crime. Usually, this happens when the state prosecutor decides to not pursue the first case on account of they’re proud of the punishment for the federal crime.


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