Odie Carrier Jr. Murder: Where is Connor Johnson Now?


One night in November 2018, a gunshot ringing out in a neighborhood in Evansville, Indiana, led the police to Odie Carrier Jr.’s house. Inside, they found him with a excessive hurt that was lastly lethal. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Murder Tapes: One In The Chamber’ delves into who was responsible for Odie’s murder and the motivation behind it. So, let’s uncover out what occurred then, lets?

How Did Odie Carrier Jr. Die?

Odie Carrier Jr. was an Indiana native born in February 1953. After graduating highschool, he served throughout the Air Force. Odie was described as a helpful and loving father to his three kids and any person who beloved fishing. An expert in laptop methods, the 65-year-old owned an Electronics enterprise. At the time of the incident, he lived in a home in Evansville, collectively together with his life taking a dangerous flip in November 2018.

Shortly after 9 pm on November 8, 2018, the authorities obtained a reputation referring to any person firing a gun open air a house in Evansville. Upon arrival, they found Odie’s door open, and he was inside, unresponsive. The 65-year-old was shot as quickly as throughout the hip with a .22-caliber rifle and was barely alive. Odie was rushed to the hospital nonetheless wanted to be taken off life assist only a few days later.

Who Killed Odie Carrier Jr.?

At the crime scene, the authorities found a .22-caliber shell casing by the doorway. Furthermore, witnesses throughout the area reported seeing a pickup truck peel away shortly after the capturing. A look into Odie’s phone confirmed that he had been exchanging messages with a lady he was presupposed to fulfill. Texts confirmed that he was going to pay for intercourse alongside together with her. With this data, the police acquired down to find the person on the alternative end of the textual content material messages and the car that was seen leaving the scene.

The authorities then pulled over a car all through a guests stop. It had three occupants: Mackayla Scarbrough (then 17), Xzereus Dlamini (then 19), and Connor Johnson (then 18). As per the current, the phone that despatched texts to Odie’s amount was traced to Xzereus. Inside the car, the police found some marijuana and a .22-caliber firearm. Soon, the three had been taken into custody and questioned.

Xzereus denied ever having been on the murder scene and claimed he was collectively together with his grandfather. However, the grandfather talked about that was untrue. According to the current, Xzereus later admitted to selling his phone to Mackayla. On the alternative hand, Connor initially claimed that Mackayla had texted him the position, and he acquired to Odie’s house. There, he heard her screaming and kicked the door in sooner than pointing the gun at Odie. However, Connor added that he didn’t aim at Odie’s chest or face on aim.

However, the authorities knew from Mackayla’s textual content material messages that she had been in contact with Odie until spherical 8:55 pm, with the 911 identify coming in minutes later. They believed that Connor’s story of touring to Odie’s location after Mackayla knowledgeable him about it wasn’t potential. Eventually, Connor confessed, saying that Odie was presupposed to pay Mackayla higher than $100 and that the three of them went to the scene collectively.

Where is Connor Johnson Today?

The authorities believed that all the factor was a setup to rob Odie Carrier Jr. However, it wasn’t immediately apparent whether or not or not he knew that Mackayla was underage. In October 2019, Connor took a deal, pleading accountable to manslaughter. He was sentenced to twenty years behind bars with an additional 20 years probation post-release.

In December of the equivalent yr, Xzereus and Mackayla pled accountable to conspiracy to commit armed theft and obtained 4 years in jail. They have since been launched and keep on parole in Indiana. Records level out Connor stays incarcerated at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana. The earliest he will likely be launched is in 2033.


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