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Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett asks Australia’s leaders to ‘develop up’ and show leadership over COVID-19 on Q+A


Prime Minister Scott Morrison lastly mentioned “sorry” for Australia’s gradual vaccine rollout on Thursday however for Q+A panellists it nonetheless wasn’t sufficient.

Key factors:

  • Bill Shorten known as on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to present the nation a roadmap out of the present COVID scenario
  • Panellists threw their assist behind Brisbane internet hosting the 2032 Olympic Games and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk
  • Questions have been requested as to how weak Australians in care properties had nonetheless not been absolutely vaccinated

With greater than 13 million Australians in lockdown because the Delta variant continues to unfold all through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, the query was put to the panel what the federal government can do to assist Australians by this era and if politicians can truly act in a bipartisan method.

Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett, who earlier revealed she has been taking anti-depressants throughout the pandemic, and had acquired her first Pfizer shot regardless of being underneath 40 and not in a focused group for the vaccine rollout, known as on politicians to show true leadership to get Australian out of its present scenario

“I just would like them to grow up, to be honest,” Trickett mentioned.

“I just really want our politicians, the people that are in power and are responsible for taking care of our communities to look after us, and actually do the job that we’ve asked them to do.

“It feels a lot just like the duty and the burden has been positioned on the states and on the person communities.

“We are the ones who have to stay at home and have to go into lockdown and do all of these things.

“I simply need the states and the federal authorities to come collectively and truly come out with a transparent, concise plan.”

Former Opposition Leader Bill Shorten agreed as he called on the federal government to communicate its plan clearly to Australians.

“I believe that we deserve is to be advised nationally, the place the ending line is,” Mr Shorten said.


“There’s 13.5 million individuals locked down, companies are screwed, it is powerful for households, there’s psychological well being trauma. 

“Where is the finishing line? When can we finish lockdown?”

He additionally known as on long-time political rival Mr Morrison to lead by instance.

“We need proper research and [to] learn that we’ll live with masks perhaps … I just wish the government, Mr Morrison, would lead now,” he mentioned.

“The doctors have done their bit, the scientists have done their bit.

“The persons are doing their bit proper now, it is now time for the federal government to step up.”

Notion of vaccine hesitancy questioned

The comments came on the back of a discussion of the nation’s vaccine rollout, when podcaster and disability advocate Astrid Edwards raised the failure to effectively vaccinate those in care homes.

Ms Edwards discussed the news that three residents of a disability group home had contracted COVID and had only received one dose of the vaccine each.

She wanted to know how that could happen or how care workers could possibly not be vaccinated.

Minister for Regional Health David Gillespie blamed both “vaccine hesitancy” and the initial shortage of vaccines around the globe for Australia’s low vaccination rate.

“With Pfizer and with AstraZeneca, all of the manufacturing in America was staying in America,” Mr Gillespie said.

“They have been crying out for it in Europe and we received put to the aspect.

“They saw how safe and well we were going in Australia … the health system was overwhelmed around the world and we were sitting at the bottom of the world in a really good spot.”

Q+A host Virginia Trioli mentioned Australia had squandered that chance earlier than Trickett prompt the Minister was not being utterly sincere.

“I’ve heard it a couple of times already tonight, a lot of blame about vaccine hesitancy and I just don’t think that’s 100 per cent accurate,” she mentioned.

“I think the majority of people in my age group, which is under-40s, who don’t have any medical conditions and are not in any of the priority groups, we’re keen.

“We need to get vaccinated.

“I got my Pfizer vaccination yesterday, my first dose, I have not qualified for it, and I don’t really know how I managed to get it.

“And I do know that there are individuals in aged care properties who’re nonetheless not vaccinated.

“And there are people who are in those priority groups who are not vaccinated that I’m sure are very keen and very willing.”

‘Diplomatic insult’ if Palaszczuk failed to attend opening ceremony

Brisbane successful the 2032 Olympic Games internet hosting rights additionally got here up, however simply how a lot that ought to be celebrated within the present setting was questioned.


Viewers once more raised questions on whether or not it was totally mandatory for Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to fly to Tokyo, however moreso why Australia’s politicians appeared to be prioritising sport over different points throughout a pandemic.

The panel acknowledged it could possibly be tough for Australians in lockdown to see Ms Palaszczuk heading to Japan, regardless of having known as for cuts to returning flights to Australia.

Mr Shorten sympathised with those that have been crucial of his Labor colleague however intimated she was not to blame.

“We have Australians overseas who can’t get home, and I think that’s a disgrace,” Mr Shorten mentioned.

“In this country we haven’t handled the COVID-19 outbreak as well as we could have and as a result Australian citizens overseas for legitimate reasons haven’t been able to get home and yet you’ve got other people hopping in and out.

“I can see why individuals really feel it does not really feel proper.

“As for Annastacia Palaszczuk going to Tokyo, we still have to do the day job.

“For individuals who have had weddings cancelled or cannot see their household or operations postpone, I can perceive why the notion of a double normal could be deeply disillusioning.”

The situation with Ms Palaszczuk turned again on Thursday when she was told to attend the opening ceremony at a press conference by Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) president John Coates in a press conference before the world’s media.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.WatchDuration: 2 minutes 14 seconds2m 14s John Coates tells Annastacia Palaszczuk she can’t “conceal” in her room and must attend the opening ceremony.

Trickett said the Queensland Premier was simply in a difficult situation because of the unprecedented nature of dealing with COVID.

“I believe she believes she was doing the correct factor when it comes to maybe not going to the opening ceremony as a result of lots of people are a bit upset she has gone over to Tokyo for the Olympic bid,” Trickett said.

“There’s so many issues persons are dealing win their very own lives in the mean time, I perceive why individuals could be upset about that.”

Mr Gillespie defended Ms Palaszczuk and described Coates’s conduct as “a bit menacing”.

“I actually would not have spoken to the Premier of Queensland like that,” he said when asked about Mr Coates’s comments.

“The method and the tone did come throughout to me a bit menacing, a college grasp speaking to a pupil.

“The politics and the optics is not good but I agree with him that definitely the Premier and the Mayor of Brisbane and I expect Senator Colbeck (Sport Minister Richard Colbeck) is probably going to be there as well.

“The precise attendance on the opening ceremony although is very acceptable. 

“We have just been awarded the Olympics and have been involved in a long bid process.

“Japan has been one among our closest allies in Asia for a really very long time and it could have been a serious diplomatic insult if she did not go.”

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