Patrick De La Cerda Murder: How Did He Die? Who Killed Him?


No matter the scenario, every crime, loss, and also fatality considers hefty on individuals entailed, yet it boosts significantly when possessiveness, craze, and also envy enter the photo. Regrettably, as seen on ’48 Hours: The Ring: The Murder of Patrick De La Cerda,’ that’s what occurred in a harsh Florida murder in very early 2018. As the title recommends, this installation digs deep right into the slaying of Patrick De La Cerda, in addition to its after-effects, to provide us an open and also straightforward explore the issue. So currently, if you’re interested to recognize the information regarding the very same, we’ve obtained you covered.

How Did Patrick De La Cerda Die?

Born in warm Miami to Patricia Ronze and also Max De La Cerda on June 4, 1992, Patrick Kane De La Cerda was a hopeful and also brilliant male by all accounts. At the age of 25, he proactively wanted to produce an excellent life for himself and also remained in a satisfied connection with Jessica Devnani when he unexpectedly shed his life. Everything was usually joyous up until it had not been, and also it trembled the State of Florida and also the whole country to its core. After all, in case nobody ever before anticipated, Patrick was killed right at the front door of his Deltona house early in the early morning of February 27, 2018.

That day began customarily up until Patrick’s dad obtained a phone call regarding a bundle distribution for his boy, which he sent. Thinking that it was the interaction ring he had actually purchased for his companion, the boy hurried to the front door, just to be assailed and also executed. The bundle notification had actually come with 7:38 a.m., and also nobody ever before learnt through Patrick once more. Since Jessica generally obtained a phone call from him prior to job each day, she expanded stressed as time passed and also determined to go check if he was all right. But alas, upon reaching 2525 Howland Boulevard, she simply saw Patrick’s body; he had actually taken 4 30-caliber bullets from a rifle and also died at the scene.

Who Killed Patrick De La Cerda?

Once examinations started, it emerged that Patrick had lately had some difficulties with among his next-door neighbors, an Army professional with mental deterioration. According to authorities records, in late 2017, the last had shot at him since he misinterpreted him for a burglar, and also, in very early 2018, the veterinarian once more had a revolver in hand. But when Patrick’s murder instance started, investigatives promptly ruled him out as a suspect. That’s when the name of Gregory Bender developed, specifically since both Patrick and also Jessica had actually applied for an order for security versus him. He was Jessica’s previous sweetheart, who had actually begun pestering them.

Gregory Bender had actually intimidated the pair a fair bit in the past, bring about Patrick asking for a limiting order in October, with Jessica doing the very same in December 2017. While the authorities denied his movement, hers was given, so they had some break for some time. However, Patrick still set up safety and security electronic cameras and also a correct entrance on his home for added procedure. Following the order, Gregory had not gotten in touch with the pair; therefore, when he started texting and also calling Jessica unexpectedly on that particular eventful day at around 10 a.m., she left job and also hurried to Patrick’s residence.

With this info, replacements carried out a search of Gregory’s residence. They would certainly currently examined the security configuration at Patrick’s, just to discover that the video had actually been gotten rid of. Hence, they understood they had their enemy when they revealed a myriad of various other incriminating proof at Gregory’s house. This evidence consisted of hidden tools and also a blue spiral note pad that outlined his strategy to kill his ex-spouse’s brand-new sweetheart and also his escape, in addition to info on Patrick’s family pet, home framework, and also regimen. In short, Gregory had actually headed out of his means to track and also manage Patrick’s murder, and also he was ultimately billed and also founded guilty for it.

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