Pepita Redhair: Is She Missing or Found? Is she alive or ineffective?

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In March of 2020, merely as the rest of the world was beginning to come again to phrases with the pandemic attributable to the Coronavirus, Pepita Redhair’s family was dealing with extra of that. The youthful lady abruptly vanished into skinny air, and there could also be very nothing recognized in regards to the place she went or what occurred to her. The documentary ‘Disappeared: Navajo Nightmare,’ which can be found on Investigation Discovery, focuses on the look for Pepita, every by the authorities and by her relations, along with the events that led as a lot as her disappearance. If you’re excited by finding out further about this case, you then’ve come to the exact place.

What Became of Pepita Redhair, the Redhead?

On the outskirts of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico was the place Pepita Redhair’s family made their residence. Crownpoint. Her relations described her as an intelligent youthful lady who delighted in placing up conversations with strangers. Skateboarding and cooking have been two of her favourite hobbies, and she or he had career aspirations throughout the fields of engineering and coaching. Before the stunning flip of events in early 2020, the 27-year-old lady appeared to have each little factor working in her favour. Pepita was taken to a neighbourhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on March 24 by her mother, Anita King, along with two further members of her family.

Nicholas Kaye, who was Pepita’s lover, resided there, and she or he had been dwelling with him for better than three years at the moment. The journey was one factor that the family did steadily, so that they didn’t give it rather a lot thought. But when Anita didn’t hear from her daughter for a while, she started to get anxious. On March 27, 2020, she made a lot of makes an try and get involved with Pepita, nevertheless she was unable to take motion. On March 30, Anita despatched her daughter one different textual content material message, nevertheless this time an individual answered, stating that he had bought the phone from another person. Almost immediately after that, she claimed that her cherished daughter had gone missing.

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Is Pepita Redhair Still Alive or Has She Passed Away?

Anita King initially asserted that the police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, put up some type of a fight in opposition to her and her requires. She outlined that the police had a dismissive angle regarding the incident. They acknowledged that Pepita has reached maturity. She shouldn’t be constrained in any method in her mobility. I was steered that it’s okay for her to go missing. I was pretty indignant about it.” Anita continued by saying that the authorities there requested that she communicate with the Crownpoint police attributable to the reality that Pepita is initially from Crownpoint. However, when Anita reported the incident to the police in Crownpoint, they requested that she report the incident in Albuquerque as a substitute.

As a outcomes of the epidemic that was merely starting to unfold over the world, the police have been unable to conduct in-person interviews with anyone who could have any associated information in regards to the case. Anita was notably dissatisfied with the response she acquired from the Crownpoint Police Department, stating that “They did nothing. They claimed that they didn’t have the authority to analysis on account of the incident befell in Albuquerque. Someone knowledgeable me that she is an grownup, and that we’re unable that can assist you on account of she was remaining seen leaving Albuquerque.

On April 19, 2020, Nicholas submitted a report of himself as a missing explicit individual to the appropriate authorities. According to what he knowledgeable the police, the two of them went out for a drink on March 26, 2020, nevertheless they acquired into an argument afterward. At that point, Nicholas acknowledged that Pepita had departed, and the next day, a textual content material message from her acknowledged that she was with one different man. Nicholas continued to insist that Pepita had abandoned him. Nicholas had a presumption on the time that the actual individual in question was anyone that they’d talked to on March 26. On the alternative hand, Anita claimed that he had beforehand engaged in violent behaviour alongside along with her daughter, which precipitated her to have suspicions about him.

Since that time, Pepita’s family has regarded for her in all places, nevertheless they haven’t found one thing which may lead them within the exact path. They haven’t given up hope and have continued to take care of her title throughout the public eye by holding rallies. The circumstances surrounding Pepita’s disappearance helped put some delicate on the issue of various Indigenous women who’ve gone missing. Pepita’s sister, Shelda Livingston, referenced the pandemic as the reason why it took the police a lot of months to begin their investigation into the case when she spoke at an illustration in February 2022.

The investigation into Pepita’s disappearance continues to be ongoing, in accordance with the authorities, and a detective has been tasked with the mission of discovering her. Even though Anita has made an effort to be resilient, the absence of her daughter has unquestionably had an affect on her. In March of 2022, she made the subsequent assertion: “When I get residence (from work), it hits me. A few of weeks prior to now, I made a promise to myself that I may be courageous. I’m going to cease sobbing on account of I’ve reached the aim the place I’m sick of how I actually really feel every day. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let myself flip into sick as soon as extra on account of I should be sturdy for her.

Name: Pepita Madalyn Redhair
Age: 27 years earlier
Last seen: March 27, 2020
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Status: Still Missing
Disappeared: Season 10 Episode 3 “Navajo Nightmare”

Details Regarding the Case

27-year-old The twenty seventh of March, 2020 was the ultimate time anyone observed Pepita Redhair. She was remaining observed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After spending the evening day out alongside along with her lover, she vanished the subsequent morning.


Anita King gave supply to Pepita Madalyn Redhair on August 4, 1992. Her mother was Anita King. She is a member of the Navajo tribe and spent her childhood at Crown Point, a small metropolis positioned on the Navajo Nation in McKinley County, New Mexico. She is an indigenous Native American.

At the time of her disappearance, Redhair was employed as a cashier at Hot Topic in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hot Topic is an apparel retailer that specialises in common tradition and music merchandise. She was attending programs on the University of New Mexico with the hopes of in some unspecified time in the future working throughout the coaching or engineering fields.
Redhair commuted forwards and backwards between her mother’s residence in Crownpoint and her boyfriend’s residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so that she could spend time at every areas.

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Pepita Redhair was delivered to the residence of her lover on March 24, 2020 throughout the metropolis of Albuquerque, New Mexico, by her mother, Anita King. The location of the residence was on the 1000 block of Clements Street Southwest.
On March 27, 2020, King made a lot of makes an try and get involved alongside along with her daughter via phone calls and textual content material messages; nonetheless, Redhair didn’t reply. King continued her efforts to get involved alongside along with her daughter all by way of the next couple of days.
Pepita Redhair has been totally forgotten about ever since she disappeared.
After Anita King was unable to get involved alongside along with her daughter on March 28, 2020, she reported her as missing to the Albuquerque Police Department as a missing explicit individual.
On March 30, 20202, King acquired a textual content material message from an individual who acknowledged that he had purchased Pepita’s phone from one other individual.


Due to the reality that Pepita Redhair was an grownup and was free to journey or go on her private volition, the authorities didn’t instantly decide her case as a case of disappearance after they investigated it. The unfold of the COVID-19 epidemic moreover slowed down the inquiry, which is on account of commonplace police protocol prevented them from conducting in-person interviews with potential witnesses.

Nicholas Kaye

Nicholas Kaye was the actual individual with whom Redhair shared a love connection on the time of her disappearance. Over the course of the sooner three years, she had known as the house he owned on Clements Street in Albuquerque her residence. The missing people report that Kaye submitted to the Albuquerque Police Department on April 19, 2020, was under his private title.
On March 26, 2020, Kaye claims that he and Redhair met one different man whereas they’ve been out consuming throughout the evening. He moreover states that this event befell. In the later hours of that day, the couple is alleged to have gotten into an altercation, and Redhair is then acknowledged to have fled on foot from a home in Northeast Albuquerque. On March 27, 2020, Kayer acquired a textual content material message from Redhair’s mobile phone stating that she was with one different man, in all probability the similar explicit individual the pair met the sooner evening time. The message acknowledged that she was with one different man. Nickolas Kaye educated the police that he hadn’t heard from Pepita Redhair, his girlfriend, ever as a result of the incident. He has steadfastly asserted that he’s innocent in connection alongside along with her abduction, nevertheless he isn’t serving to the inquiry in any method.
Her mother claims that Redhair’s relationship with Kaye was tumultuous and that she was the objective of bodily abuse by the palms of Kaye. It’s potential that anyone named Redhair was seen begging near the nook of 2nd Street and Freeway in Albuquerque in May of 2020.

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