Rasuna Said Husband: Who Is Duski Samad?


Rangkayo Hajjah Rasuna Said, who lived from 14 September 1910 to 2 November 1965, labored to advance women’s rights, notably the exact to an coaching and the exact to vote.

Rasuna Said was involved in politics every sooner than and after Indonesia gained its independence, and he or she joined various political groups sooner than serving as a member of Sukarno’s Supreme Advisory Council and Provisional People’s Representative Council.

Rasuna was honored posthumously as an Indonesian nationwide hero because of her participation throughout the nation’s independence wrestle. Rasuna Said started participating throughout the communist-affiliated Sarekat Rakyat (Peoples Union) group in 1926. This group was disbanded in 1927 after a communist revolt in West Sumatra led to failure.

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Rasuna joined the Islamic Union Party the following yr and at last rose to the publish of division chief for the Maninjau division. Rasuna joined the Union of Indonesian Muslims (Persatuan Muslim Indonesia, Permi), an organization centered on Islam and nationalism after it was based mostly in 1930.

Rasuna Said Husband: Who Is Duski Samad?

Later down the highway in Rasuna Said’s occupation, she settled down with Duski Samad. Duski Samad was a college coach and a political activist.

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