Richard Dabate: Where is Connie’s Husband Now?

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The Christmas of 2015 grew to change into devastating for the residents of Ellington, Connecticut, when a mother of two named Connie Dabate was found brutally murdered inside her home. While all people initially believed she was killed in a home invasion, a simple gadget and some stylish know-how did the unthinkable and led the police to the sufferer’s private husband, Richard Dabate. NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Secrets of Birch View’ chronicles this gorgeous case, shedding mild on how the investigation pointed in direction of the exact killer. If you wish to know further about Richard’s hand throughout the murder and his current whereabouts, we’ve you coated. Let’s begin, we might?

Who is Richard Dabate?

Born on July 29, 1976, to Richard Sr. and Julie Dabate in Manchester, Connecticut, Richard Dabate graduated from Manchester High School in 1995. He then attended technical work sooner than commencing a occupation as a laptop group administrator in Bloomfield. Just a number of years later, Richard met Ellington resident and pharmaceutical product sales guide Connie Margotta, they often tied the knot on July 4, 2003. The couple had a seemingly blissful marriage and had two sons, Richard “RJ” and Connor.

Friends described Richard as a weird one which cherished Superman and had a satisfying family life, aside from just some tiffs over funds with Connie. However, points took a tragic flip in late 2015, when on December 23, 40-year-old Richard often known as the police at spherical 10:16 AM from their residence in Ellington. Upon arriving there, they found him partially tied to a metal chair, and he claimed that an intruder had entered the house, attacked him, and fatally shot his partner.

As mentioned by Richard, Connie was found lying ineffective throughout the basement, with two gunshot wounds to her stomach and the once more of her head. When the police questioned her husband, he detailed the events of that morning to them. As per Richard, he went to drop their sons on the school bus stop sooner than leaving for the Bloomberg-based IT agency he labored at spherical 8:30 AM. However, he alleged that spherical fifteen minutes later, he obtained a cellphone alert that his dwelling alarm had been activated.

Hence, Richard emailed his boss from the roadside and returned home spherical 9:00 AM to confirm if each factor was sound. There, he claimed to see a 6’2” tall masked invader rummaging by his walk-in closet, who threatened him with a knife for his monetary establishment particulars. Meanwhile, Connie returned home from her canceled well being membership class and was alerted by her husband regarding the intruder. Richard alleged that the intruder incapacitated him and ran downstairs to nab his partner, who by then was headed in direction of the basement.

The IT someway chased after his attacker, solely to get disoriented after a gunshot went off in Connie’s course. The intruder then reportedly overpowered and zip-tied Richard to a chair, persevering with to hurt him with a blowtorch and a discipline cutter. Luckily, the latter managed to utilize his free correct arm to point out the blowtorch onto the particular person’s face, sending him figuring out of the basement. Once he left, Richard supposedly dragged himself up the steps, rang his alarm, and often known as the police.

Interestingly, the investigators found the accidents on Richard’s physique to be superficial. Moreover, even three sniffer canine couldn’t select up the scent of the unknown intruder throughout the Dabate family’s home. Besides, the police found that reverse to Richard’s claims, the house alarm system didn’t go off twice, nevertheless as quickly as that morning when he often known as them. This discrepancy led the police to look at the family’s emails, social media, and alarm particulars, finally ending in a shocking revelation- Richard had been having an extramarital affair with a woman named Sara Ganzer.

Not merely that, Sara was reportedly anticipating Richard’s child, and due to this fact, he had been contemplating divorcing Connie for a variety of months. Surprisingly, he admitted the affair to the police nevertheless claimed that he, Connie, and Sara deliberate on co-parenting the new child collectively. However, telephone knowledge mentioned that Richard had texted Sara solely a day sooner than his partner died. Nevertheless, whatever the police’s fastened efforts, they’ve been unable to find out any vital leads throughout the case until an unlikely piece of proof surfaced.

Connie’s Fitbit watch indicated that her ultimate recorded movement on December 23, 2015, was spherical 10:05 AM, which was a full hour later than when Richard claimed she was shot. This principal discrepancy was ample to find out him as a principal suspect. Hence, in April 2017, he was arrested and charged with murder, tampering with proof, and giving a false assertion to the laws.

Where is Richard Dabate Today?

While Richard Dabate maintained his innocence, and his safety counsel even questioned the accuracy of Connie’s Fitbit. However, some further proof surfaced with the reality that he had taken out a financial institution card with out Connie’s data. Furthermore, Richard tried claiming his late partner’s insurance coverage protection money merely 5 days after her dying, and in January 2016, he withdrew a hefty sum from her funding account. Lastly, Connie was shot with the similar .357 Magnum, which her husband had purchased merely two months prior to now.

Based on all this, and notably the digital proof acquired from the sufferer’s Fitbit and social media platforms helped the police arrange that Richard had clearly lied to them regarding the events of December 23, 2015. Nevertheless, the digital proof and the testimony of fairly a number of witnesses have been instrumental in a jury convicting Richard of all three bills in May 2022. They theorized that he had killed his partner to cover his girlfriend’s being pregnant, which threatened to destroy his life if revealed in public.

In August 2022, Richard Dabate was sentenced to 65 years behind bars for 39-year-old Connie’s murder, along with the other two bills in opposition to him. He is presently incarcerated on the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield. Richard’s projected launch date is May 2, 2087.


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