Ricky Gervais: SuperNature Special Review: A Brutal Commentary on Post-Modern Society


Ricky Gervais begins ‘SuperNature’ by giving the viewers a crash course on irony. He tells them that there’ll probably be bits of all of it by way of the actual and encourages them to see in the event that they’ll spot it. The instructions aren’t just for the viewers with him in that auditorium; it moreover applies to those of us watching it from the comfort of our home. Gervais’ second Netflix specific after ‘Humanity’ will also be arguably in all probability essentially the most controversial one in his occupation. That’s saying one factor, given who he’s and the sort of comedy he has produced by way of the years. In ‘SuperNature,’ Gervais delves deep into different points of human existence and exposes the deeply-seated hypocrisy of in the mean time’s custom.

‘SuperNature’ isn’t a classy routine, but it surely absolutely isn’t straightforward each. Gervais is arguably the riskiest comedian working in the mean time and believes in doing the sort of comedy that on a regular basis go in opposition to the norm. He provides with each half beneath the photo voltaic throughout the specific — from child abuse to pedophilia to religion to dying to grief to trans activism to weight issues to AIDS to most cancers. The comedy challenges you on a fundamental stage, as you probably keep various of those aforementioned points sacred. And on the planet of Ricky Gervais, sacred is an absurd phrase.

When Gervais speaks in regards to the title of the actual, he’s philosophically reflective. Religion and the supernatural have on a regular basis featured prominently in his works. The 2009 film ‘The Invention of Lying,’ which he co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in, stays to be among the many greatest films to question faith and religion. In ‘SuperNature,’ he speaks in regards to the marvel that’s human life and the best way fragile it’s. The Universe has existed for 13, 14 billion years. According to Gervais, if we’re truly lucky, we’re alive for 80, 90 years out of that. He urges his viewers to make full use of it. Admittedly, it does get preachy all through these bits. Faith isn’t concerned about actuality; it exists no matter of it. That’s why it’s faith. It’s not like Gervais isn’t aware of this. At this degree, his jokes about religion are getting tiresome and at events actually really feel repetitive.

There will also be a problem with crass humor. I’m all for using obscenity to generate laughter. However, what Gervais normally does on this specific is change into overdependent on it. Don’t get me mistaken: the jokes are nonetheless humorous nevertheless don’t reside as a lot as the necessities their setups have promised.

These points are ultimately the outcomes of inventive choices and could also be uncared for. But they don’t appear to be an important problem with the current. Throughout the actual, significantly in direction of the ending, Gervais retains laughing at his private jokes, usually even sooner than delivering them. When that happens, it feels jarring and misplaced. It makes you question whether or not or not that’s the major time Gervais has delivered these jokes.

Beyond the aforementioned minor factors, ‘SuperNature’ is a straightforward journey — masterfully crafted and delivered by among the many greatest throughout the enterprise. While the jokes could also be utterly savage, what comes after the punchline is normally pretty poignant. My favorite bit in your complete specific is the joke about his good pal’s ineffective grandmother. It’s unabashedly humorous and healthful — a unusual combination to see recently. Even in the event you decide the place the joke goes or have it watched sooner than, the punchline hits you desire a freight put together. The humor proper right here is made way more potent because of it exists like an island throughout the sea of tragedy. When you hear that Gervais’ good pal laughed when he heard the joke, it turns into your cue to change from laughing with shock to laughing genuinely.

Gervais has been doing this for a while and is conscious of exactly play alongside along with his viewers. For an hour and 4 minutes, he makes us chuckle, cry, and actually really feel shocked and outraged on a whim. Although the actual won’t be with out its faults, the optimistic parts vastly outweigh them. Furthermore, for good or unhealthy, it has relevance in its favor. ‘SuperNature’ is a brutal commentary on post-modern society. It criticizes people on both aspect of the political divide, however Gervais refuses to be totally cynical in his technique.


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