Ronald Hunter Murder: Where Are Lisa Hunter and Travis Kinton Now?

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The usually peaceful metropolis of Fayetteville in North Carolina witnessed a terrifying murder when Ronald Hunter’s deceased physique was found beside freeway I-295 near Rich Walker Road. The murder triggered a homicide investigation that rapidly discovered a sinister plot fueled by greed and hatred. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Affairs: Betrayed By a Cat Named Karma’ chronicles the shocking slaying and portrays how the perpetrator was lastly delivered to justice. Let’s delve into the small print surrounding the crime and uncover out additional, we might?

How Did Ronald Hunter Die?

A resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Ronald was 41 years earlier on the time of his murder. Although Ronald lived alongside along with his partner, Lisa Marie Hunter, and people who knew them believed their marriage to be wonderful, the truth was faraway from it. In actuality, Lisa was Ronald’s second partner, and although they’ve been fully happy initially, a rift rapidly started forming between them. This distance grew far more essential as quickly as Ronald misplaced his job, and although a family pal named Travis Dale Kinton helped the couple reconnect, Ronald and Lisa have been unable to see to eye on most points.

On June 25, 2007, a railroad worker passing by the freeway I-295 near Rich Walker Road noticed a deceased human physique on the underside and immediately notified authorities. Once first responders rushed to the scene, they managed to determine the physique as that of Ronald Hunter and determined the way in which of lack of life as a homicide. However, the rationale behind the lack of life was saved hidden as a result of the investigation was nonetheless vigorous. Additionally, the police affirmed that Ronald had been killed on the spot the place the physique was discovered, although a quick search of the crime scene didn’t current any leads.

Who Killed Ronald Hunter?

The preliminary investigation into Ronald’s murder proved terribly tough as there have been no leads or witnesses to adjust to. Although cops canvassed the crime scene and carried out a radical search, they’ve been nothing that may make them a suspect. On excessive of it, people who knew Ronald talked about that he had always been kindhearted and helpful, and since he didn’t have quite a few enemies, acquaintances had no thought why anyone would wish to hurt the 41-year-old.

Nevertheless, as a result of the investigation progressed, regulation enforcement officers found how the connection between Ronald and Lisa had gotten pretty rocky not too way back. Incidentally, Lisa met Travis Dale Kinton at her workplace and launched him to Ronald, hoping the youthful man would help them reconnect. Travis was moreover pretty eager on the family, and the current talked about how he thought of Lisa as his sister. However, with time, the equation modified, and as quickly as Lisa began favoring Travis over Ronald, points started going south. Ronald initially appeared pretty irritated and was recognized to get into frequent altercations with Travis. On the other hand, the youthful man principally took Lisa’s side all through the arguments, which led to further animosity. Still, since there was nothing to hyperlink each Lisa or Travis to the murder, the police have been unable to take movement in opposition to them.

Eventually, the cops obtained their first huge breakthrough when Travis approached them on the station and turned himself in. He confessed to killing Ronald and talked about that the two had gotten into an altercation on the freeway. However, Travis further talked about that after the murder, he had generally known as Lisa, who let him switch in collectively together with her and supported his movement. Hence, armed with such an incriminating assertion, cops wasted no time in arresting every Lisa and Travis for his or her roles throughout the crime.

Where Are Lisa Marie Hunter and Travis Dale Kinton Now?

When supplied in courtroom, Travis pled accountable to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 16 to twenty years in jail in 2010. Besides, within the similar 12 months, Lisa pled accountable to a single rely of accent after the precise truth to manslaughter, which netted her a one-year and three months jail sentence. Incidentally, Travis was spending his time behind bars when he abruptly handed away in April 2022. Meanwhile, the current talked about that Lisa has since been launched from jail, although from the appears of it, she prefers a personal life, making her current whereabouts unclear.


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