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Samsung’s New Foldables Could Be Priced Closer to a Standard Phone


Galaxy ZFold 2

If these new leaks are correct, the brand new Galaxy Z Fold3 may very well be considerably cheaper than final yr’s mannequin (seen above).Photo: Sam Rutherford

Earlier this week, Samsung officially announced that its next Unpacked event will take place on August 11, and now due to a recent leak, we may have just gotten a much better idea of how much all of Samsung’s new gadgets will cost a few weeks early.

Before we get to the data, it’s vital to notice that this leak comes from a itemizing from European tech retailer LambdaTek, which was later posted on Reddit by person FragmentedChicken. LambdaTek isn’t sometimes recognized for leaking costs forward of time, so it’s vital to keep in mind not to deal with these numbers as gospel prior to Samsung asserting official pricing at Unpacked. Also, with the leaked costs being listed in euros, direct greenback conversions might not be completely correct, particularly with FragmentedChicken appropriately mentioning that the ratio between European and American costs is continuously nearer to being 1:1.

Leaked listings for the Galaxy ZFold 3

Here’s a screenshot of costs for the Galaxy ZFold 3 in accordance to European retailer LambdaTek. Screenshot: LambdaTek

Now, onto the prices. According to LambdaTek’s listing, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will be available in three colors (Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Green) starting at 1,676 euros for the 256GB model, or around 1,777 euros for the 512GB model. Now if we do a direct conversion from euros to dollars, that would mean the Z Fold3 would cost $1,980, which is basically the same price as last year’s Galaxy Fold2. However, if the Z Fold3’s U.S. price is indeed 1:1 and closer to $1,700, that would represent a much bigger price cut similar to what previous rumors had forecasted.

As for the smaller Z Flip3, pricing is anticipated to begin at 975 euros for the 128GB mannequin or 1,025 euros for the 256GB variant, with the telephone itself out there in a big selection of colours together with black, white, gentle pink, darkish blue, lavender, cream, and inexperienced. If these costs are legit, getting the Z Flip3 underneath $1,000 may very well be a large deal for the mainstream adoption of foldable telephones, as it might place the Z Flip3 to compete higher with extra conventional premium telephones.

G/O Media might get a fee

As for the Galaxy Watch 4, LambdaTek lists the 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for 358 euros (or 399 euros for the 4G model), while the larger 46mm version will cost 379 euros (or 419 euros for the 4G version). Meanwhile, the standard Galaxy Watch 4 looks to be slightly cheaper, starting at 256 euros (or 298 euros for 4G) for the 40mm model, and 277 euros (or 318 euros for 4G) for the 44mm variant. Also, in addition to standard black and silver, it appears that the Galaxy Watch 4 may also be available in green, pink, and gold.

If we look back to another pricing leak for the Galaxy Watch 4 earlier this month from Amazon Canada, LambdaTek’s listing seems to be in the same ballpark. While I wouldn’t call anything confirmed just yet, this correlation would seem to add some legitimacy to today’s leak.

As for Samsung’s upcoming earbuds, LambdaTek lists the Galaxy Buds 2 at 149 euros, which is actually higher than the original rumored price of $100. A 149 euro price tag would sort of make sense as that would put the Galaxy Buds 2’s price closer to the 159 euro starting price for Apple’s earbuds. But if Samsung is hoping to really make waves, obviously a lower price is better.

Aside from pricing, we recently also got a hint about the Z Fold3 and Z Flip3’s improved design, with noted leaked Max Weinbach claiming both foldables will feature an IPX8 rating for water resistance. If true, this would represent a huge durability upgrade for Samsung’s foldables, as both the original Galaxy Fold and Z Fold2 lacked any official protection from water.

Finally, it seems Samsung’s early bird reservation system allows customers to trade in multiple devices for credit towards a new device, potentially allowing people to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of Samsung’s new gadgets even further.

So even with none indication of a new Galaxy Note on the best way, Samsung subsequent Unpacked occasion is shortly shaping up to be fairly a showcase with the corporate poised to lengthen its first-mover benefit within the foldable house even additional.

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