Sara Raras Murder: Where Are Ardale Tickles and Emilia Raras Now?


When authorities in Elkridge, Maryland, acquired a request to hold out a wellness confirm on native resident Sara Raras, they immediately went over to her house to find out the issue. However, a horrifying sight awaited them on the scene as a result of the police found Sara lying in a pool of blood throughout the family room. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Heart of Darkness: Mommy Dearest’ chronicles the brutal murder and reveals how an atmosphere pleasant police investigation managed to convey the perpetrators to justice. Let’s take a look at the crime particulars and uncover out the place Sara’s killers are at present, lets?

How Did Sara Raras Die?

Sara Raras was 35 years outdated on the time of her murder and a loving mother of 1. People who knew her spoke about her generosity and kindness, claiming that she welcomed all people with a smile and was on a regular basis ready to help. Being a caring mother, Sara put the desires of her teenager above each little factor else and had big aspirations for the long term. Moreover, she moreover had a worthwhile career and was employed by the National Security Agency as a statistician. Thus, it was definitely a darkish day when such a life was snatched away from this world.

Laura Billeter, one amongst Sara’s associates, referred to as the police on November 15, 1998, claiming that Sara had left a wierd message on her voicemail, which sounded vaguely like a wrestle. Authorities immediately rushed to Sara’s residence, solely to hunt out the 35-year-old lying in a pool of her private blood throughout the family room. The murder scene regarded like one factor correct out of a horror movie, as there have been blood splatters on the wall, and the sufferer had quite a few stab wounds on her physique. Later, an autopsy determined that Sara was stabbed to lack of life, and well being employees took uncover of the ruthless nature of the crime. Additionally, whereas conducting a search spherical the house, the police found indicators of compelled entry and had been moreover able to increase a set of footprints from the carpet.

Who Killed Sara Raras?

When the police returned to Laura Billeter with a view to take heed to the recording on her answering machine, they realized it was the sound of Sara being attacked. Moreover, as a result of the answering machine logged the message in at 8:30 pm, authorities moreover had a timeframe for the murder. However, since Sara had divorced her ex-husband, Lorenzo Raras, shortly sooner than the murder, the preliminary suspicion fell on him. Yet, even after an intensive investigation, the police had been unable to tie him to the crime and decided to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, every completely different avenue of investigation proved to be a dull end, and there was nearly no progress on the case because the instances rolled on. Interestingly, the police did deal with to extract the DNA sample of an unknown male from the murder web site nevertheless found no match to it of their data.

Ultimately, quite a few months after Sara’s lack of life, authorities acquired an enormous breakthrough as soon as that they had been educated that an inmate had described a murder that appeared similar to the one that they had been making an attempt to resolve. The inmate in question, Ardale Tickles, claimed he had gotten away with a murder and commenced describing particulars solely the killer would possibly find out about. Thus, with out further delay, the police questioned him further and realized that Lorenzo’s mother, Emilia Raras, had paid him $3,000 for the murder. Although Emilia saved insisting on her innocence and claimed she had nothing to do with Sara’s lack of life, authorities rapidly found proof of the $3000 confirm she made out to Ardale’s determine. Thus, with concrete proof in direction of her, Emilia was moreover charged with Sara’s murder.

Where Are Ardale Tickles and Emilia Raras Now?

Interestingly, as quickly as Emilia was arrested, the police discovered that Lorenzo had no considered what had transpired. Nevertheless, Ardale rapidly accepted a plea deal and pled accountable to first-degree murder and conspiracy, which acquired him a life sentence with out the chance of parole in 2000. On the alternative hand, Emilia decided to plead not accountable nevertheless was rapidly convicted of first-degree murder and solicitation to commit first-degree murder. As a consequence, she was sentenced to life in jail with out parole in 2000. Thus, at present, Ardale is housed behind bars on the North Branch Correctional Institution in unincorporated Allegany County, Maryland. At the similar time, Emilia is incarcerated on the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Maryland.


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