School Tales The Series Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained



Netflix’s ‘School Tales The Series’ is a Thai-language horror sequence that tells spooky and bone-chilling tales about highschool school college students who encounter the unthinkable. The sequence is loosely based totally on a comic book ebook e book sequence of the an identical establish and choices an anthology format, with each episode tackling a singular concept.

The third episode, titled ‘Beautiful,’ follows an adolescent named Aim who instantly turns into gorgeous in a single day. Her classmate, Dao, turns into suspicious and jealous of Aim, leading to disastrous outcomes. If you’re in quest of a proof of the episode’s events and ending, we’ve acquired you coated! Here is all of the issues it’s good to seek out out about ‘School Tales The Series’ episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

School Tales The Series Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘Beautiful,’ opens with Aim, an average-looking teenage girl looking for strategies to alter into gorgeous over the net. Aim is jealous of her classmate, Dao, and wants to alter into pretty like her. On the alternative hand, Dao is favored for magnificence and has lots of social media followers. As a finish end result, Aim seeks to attain recognition and fame by turning into gorgeous like Dao. As Aim searches for a solution, the lights in her room flicker, and she or he stumbles upon a mysterious search finish end result.

The finish end result leads Aim to a model new window the place she agrees to do one thing it takes to alter into gorgeous. In that event, a mysterious black discipline is delivered to Aim’s doorstep. She follows the instructions on the show display screen and opens the sector. Inside she finds a pink bottle holding a liquid potion. After ingesting the potion, Aim turns gorgeous in a matter of minutes. The subsequent day, Aim attends school, and her magnificence sweeps all people.

However, certainly one of many circumstances of accepting the potion Aim ought to observe is that she will be able to’t inform anyone about how she turned gorgeous. Thus, Aim is compelled to keep up her settlement with the spirit that gave her the liquid a secret. On the alternative hand, Dao turns into jealous of Aim’s in a single day magnificence and seeks options concerning the an identical. However, Aim refuses to answer Dao, leading to a rivalry between the two women.

Meanwhile, Aim is compelled to eat rotten meat from animals and individuals to handle her magnificence. As a finish end result, she begins questioning whether or not or not turning into gorgeous is value the related payment she has to pay. Dao begins spying on Aim and, whatever the latter’s warning, continues to hunt for the truth about Aim’s in a single day makeover. Eventually, points escalate between the two women, and in order that they have a wrestle. Both women are known as into the principal’s office and are set to face repercussions for his or her actions.

School Tales The Series Episode 3 Ending: Does Aim Tell Her Secret to Dao?

In the episode’s climax, every Aim and Dao acquire an earful from their principal. However, offered that the women are the face of the faculty, the principal lets them resolve their factors all through the office. Dao presses Aim about options to her in a single day makeover. However, Aim refuses to answer Dao. As a finish end result, Dao is compelled to utilize a video of Aim and blackmail her. The video depicts Aim consuming rotten flesh, which can destroy her fame. Hence, Aim is compelled to reveal her secret to Dao. However, telling the truth would suggest that Aim loses her newfound magnificence.

Aim decides to level out Dao the origins of her in a single day magnificence and takes her classmate to her condominium. At the condominium, Aim asks whether or not or not Dao is able to do one thing to alter into way more gorgeous. Dao explains that she must be in all probability probably the most gorgeous girl at college. Hence, she doesn’t care about something nonetheless her quest to attain further magnificence. After Dao commits herself to the ritual, Aim reveals her the pink potion and asks Dao to drink the liquid contained within the bottle. The potion begins its influence, and Dao instantly turns into further gorgeous.

Later, Aim transforms proper right into a human/monster hybrid. Aim explains that now that Dao has accepted the potion, she will be able to’t eat something nonetheless the raw flesh of individuals and animals. Moreover, she ought to stay up for the meat to rot sooner than she’s going to eat it. Thus, whereas the potion makes the customer further gorgeous, it takes their means to eat common meals.

As a finish end result, the potion in a roundabout way transforms individuals into monsters beneath the guise of establishing them appear pretty. The an identical is evident with  Aim as she hovers spherical Dao in a hybrid variety that’s further monstrous than human. Ultimately, Aim urges Dao to only settle for her monstrous side. She reveals that Dao’s nostril will inform her what she’s going to and can’t eat.

In the last word moments, a pregnant woman knocks on Aim’s door whereas Dao smells the presence of individuals around her. Aim opens the door, and the show display screen cuts to black. Given that Dao smelled the mother and the toddler, it’s evident that her monstrous tendencies have taken over. Hence, the two women will in all probability assault and eat the pregnant woman and her youngster. All points acknowledged, the episode is a spooky commentary on the pitfalls of chasing abstract concepts of magnificence and fame.


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