Spy x Family Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained


In the eighth episode of ‘Spy x Family‘ titled ‘The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation,’ Loid is summoned by his Handler, who shares some important intel with him. Meanwhile, Yor’s Younger brother lastly learns about her marriage and is shocked that she has saved it a secret from him. He decides to fulfill the Forgers to be taught further regarding the man who swept his sister off her toes. Here’s the whole thing it’s worthwhile to know regarding the ending of ‘Spy x Family’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Spy x Family Episode 8 Recap

At the varsity, Anya is attending a maths class when the coach asks the students an easy question. She feels that she is conscious of the reply and proudly tells the coach, solely to understand that she is completely fallacious. Meanwhile, Loid meets Sylvia, who takes an change regarding the mission from the genius spy. She moreover tells him that Twilight is predicted to help Anya acquire eight Stellas in 4 months by completely different people monitoring the mission. The unreasonably extreme expectation naturally makes Twilight nervous, nonetheless he tries to cowl it.

As if serving to Anya develop to be a primary pupil in school was not tough adequate, Sylvia supplies him the damaging info that one amongst their informants on the City Hall was caught recently. According to her, the counter-intelligence firm of the nation is slowly turning into pretty strict as they’ve apparently realized what’s at stake after the present infiltration actions. Sylvia advises Twilight to be very cautious as a result of the enemies may be far and wide now, which suggests even one mistake could end up costing moderately rather a lot.

Meanwhile, on the City Hall, an individual named Jim Hayward is arrested by the Secret Security Service on suspicion of being a spy. Yor, who works there, learns regarding the incident from her colleagues, who moreover make clear to her that the individual has been leaking delicate paperwork to some shady group for money. The secret assassin is approached by one different colleague, who wonders why she hadn’t knowledgeable her brother about her marriage. Yor panics and makes the excuse that she forgot, which solely makes her look harmful as she exchanged vows with Loid just a few 12 months ago- not lower than consistent with their marriage certificates.

As if points are normally not wanting harmful already for her, the equivalent colleague tells Yor that her boyfriend said to her that her brother would rapidly identify her to debate the equivalent. It later appears that he plans to go to Yor’s dwelling to fulfill the Forgers personally. Yor will get terribly nervous when she learns this and immediately discusses the equivalent with Loid. The secret spy comes up with a technique to avoid getting uncovered as a pretend family in entrance of Yor’s brother.

Spy x Family Episode 8 Ending: Who is Yuri Briar? What Does He Do?

When Jim Hayward is taken to the headquarters of the Secret Security Service, he’s questioned by the officers there. The group is answerable for sustaining peace inside their nation and might be known as the important thing police, so that they don’t hesitate to hurt people to get what they want. However, when Jim refuses to confess to his crimes, the boss there sends a specific officer to quiz the accused about his involvement. It appears that this officer is none other than Yuri Briar, Yor’s youthful brother. He pretends to be a diplomat to cowl his involvement with the important thing police and has had an unimaginable file thus far.

While Jim had not been very open to confessing his crimes thus far, Yuri is conscious of one of the simplest ways to get the information out of him. He locations numerous images taken by the spies of Jim selling delicate paperwork. Although he opens up that he did all of that for money and girls with no political motives, Yuri doesn’t hesitate to beat him up for betraying his nation. He overtly talks about his want to protect his mother nation in direction of all enemies primarily on account of it moreover ensures the safety of his sister, who has sacrificed rather a lot for him.

How Does Loid Figure Out the Truth About Yuri Briar?

After the interrogation, Yuri visits the Forgers and has already made up his ideas that he gained’t hesitate to kill his sister’s associate if he appears to be deceptive. However, Loid leaves no stones unturned and manages to impress him collectively together with his cooking. But Yuri is reluctant to current him any credit score rating. When he gadgets the couple a wine bottle from Hungaria, Loid begins to question him about his job. The secret spy lies that he visited Hungaria as a pupil. When he begins to quiz Yuri further regarding the specific particulars of city, its consuming locations, meals, and areas, he notices one factor very attention-grabbing.

All of his options are precisely very similar to these fabricated by the important thing police for brokers who’re pretending to be diplomats to avoid any suspicion. A normal mistake with the handbook given by the important thing police to their workplaces is that they aren’t been updated for some time. Since the actual particulars like the price of the beer and the determine of the cooks knowledgeable by Yuri are normally not appropriate and are almost equal to these made up by the important thing police, it doesn’t depart any doubt that he’s working for them.

Does Briar Accept Loid as His Sister’s Husband? Why Does He Doubt Their Relationship?

While Loid has managed to find out that Yuri is working with the important thing police, Yuri, then once more, shouldn’t be solely clueless however as well as very unstable all through his first meeting with the Forgers. He has already made up his ideas that he gained’t accept Loid as Yuri’s husband sooner than meeting him. Therefore, Loid’s matureness and completely different qualities don’t help the couple rather a lot.

He is especially unsure of the reality that Yor didn’t inform him about her marriage for almost a 12 months which is form of uncommon. However, Yor does deal with to make foolish excuses that he seems to only settle for initially. But when Loid and Yor react weirdly after they by chance contact each other’s arms, he grows suspicious as soon as extra. He asks them to indicate that they’ve been married for one 12 months by kissing each other correct in entrance of him.

While Yor is embarrassed, Loid doesn’t ideas and leans in for the kiss. The episode ends there, nonetheless consistent with the manga, the fake couple will lastly not kiss each other. However, they’ll deal with to influence Yuri that they’re a married couple who’ve been with each other for pretty a while.


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