Subnautica Scanner Room: Where To Find Fragments? (Locations)


Subnautica is an open-world exploration sport present throughout the oceans of alien planet 4546B. Seabases are the underwater shelter that helps the character to breath-in oxygen each time he runs out of it. However, a Lifepod doesn’t have all of the required choices which could be required to survive throughout the huge ocean. Seabases are completely different habitats which may be constructed by unlocking blueprints. A Scanner Room is one such Seabase that’s used to scan for belongings in a wide range of 300 meters. However, to unlock the blueprint of a Scanner Room in Subnautica, it is best to uncover three objects of Scanner Room Fragments. Here’s our info that choices steps to look out these fragments.

Where to Find Scanner Room Fragments in Subnautica?

Scanner Room in Subnautica

There are a wide range of fragments scattered throughout the ocean nonetheless you need solely three of them to unlock the blueprint. Check out these elements to know strategies to get to the fragments:

  1. In order to look out the Scanner Room fragments, head over to the Aurora (Wrecked Ship in Subnautica) and uncover a Coral Tube protruding of the water.
  2. Further, stand on it and start transferring within the course of the course between south and south-east.
  3. Continue swimming until you found scattered wreckage on the ocean mattress. Also, it is perhaps 100 meters beneath the ocean.
  4. Take out the Scanner and start looking for the fragments throughout the wreckage. You would possibly uncover your first Scanner Room fragment there.
  5. Further, head over to the course between west and southwest until you uncover one different pile of wreckage.
  6. Use the Scanner to look out the second Subnautica Scanner Room fragment there.
  7. After this, get once more to the Coral Tube and head over within the course of the northeast course.
  8. Around 460 meters from there, there’s one different scatter wreckage the place you would possibly uncover the third Scanner Room Fragment.
  9. After gathering three fragments, you’ll be notified that the blueprint for Scanner Room is now unlocked and capable of assemble in Subnautica.
  10. After this, you have to use the Habitat Builder to assemble the Scanner Room and Scan for the belongings shut by.

That’s strategies to get the Scanner Room fragments in Subnautica. If you found this textual content helpful, then guarantee to try our completely different Subnautica info on Repairing a Base.


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