Televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s non-public jet interview and ‘demon’ quote goes viral

An interview with Kenneth Copeland has gone viral on account of controversial suggestions the multi-millionaire televangelist made.

He reportedly talked about that he didn’t have to fly enterprise because of he didn’t “want to get into a tube with a bunch of demons.”

Kenneth Copeland started the Texas-based Kenneth Copeland Ministry (KCM) in 1967 alongside together with his partner Gloria. The Ministry claims to unfold Christian non secular teachings and the phrase of the bible. Copeland moreover opened the Kenneth Copeland Bible College (KCBC), started the Christian television channel Victory Channel in 2015, and has written quite a few books.

Televangelist defends non-public jet use

In a 2019 interview, Insider Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero doorstepped the preacher in Branson, Missouri. She requested him about his lavish lifestyle and the infamous “demon” comment.

Copeland spoke at dimension about his causes behind the non-public jet, claiming: “If I flew commercial, I’d have to stop 65% of what I’m doing.”

He clarified his stage: “Last May I was scheduled for Lagos, Nigeria, that’s a long way. I had a week off and I was scheduled for Peru. And I prayed about it and I thought I’m not missing that dedication in Jerusalem.” He talked about that with out the non-public jet, he wouldn’t have been ready to do all of it.

“We flew in 21 days, 70 hours, 40,000 miles, touched five continents, and preached face to face personally with 125,000 people,” he talked about.

Copeland moreover talked about that he bought his airplane from Tyler Perry, together with: “He made that airplane so cheap for me I couldn’t help but buy it,” along with confirming that he moreover used his non-public planes to journey to his trip homes.

Kenneth Copeland responds to the ‘demon’ comment

When requested in regards to the alleged “demon” comment and whether or not or not he believes human beings are demons, Copeland talked about forcefully: “No I do not and don’t you ever say I did.”

“It’s a biblical thing and it’s a spiritual thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with people. I love people,” he added. “But people get pushed by things like alcohol. Do you think that’s a good place for a preacher to be before he goes out and preaches?”

Guerrero, who reveals that every of her grandfathers had been pastors too, moreover requested Copeland how he would reply to those, like her private ancestors, who think about a pastor shouldn’t keep a lifetime of luxurious. He responded: “They’re wrong. It’s a misunderstanding of the Bible.”

The preacher has a reportednet worth of $760 million and lives a lifetime of luxurious along with non-public jets and quite a lot of trip homes.

Netizens reply to the viral interview

Some Twitter clients found the interview and Kenneth’s technique disturbing. One individual wrote: “Sadly my parents still love Kenneth Copeland and all the other health and wealth televangelists.”

Another joked that they may not have to get proper right into a tube with the televangelist:

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A second individual in distinction him to “Satan”:

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However, one other clients expressed help for Kenneth:

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