The Great Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained


A historic comedy-drama utilizing humor and feminism to look at 18th Century Russia, ‘The Great’ revolves round Catherine the Great, her merciless husband, Peter III, and her topics. The present, created by Tony McNamara, tackles the challenges confronted by a radical, progressive, and overseas feminine ruler in a deeply patriarchal and non secular society.

Season 2 explores the difficulties a pregnant Catherine faces after ascending the throne. Facing the complicated activity of spreading European concepts amongst the frequent folks, Catherine depends on Orlo, Velementov, and Marial as she battles private and political points. On the opposite hand, Peter is in love with Catherine and is satisfied that the crown will return to him sooner or later. Season 2 episode 3 focuses on Catherine’s pent-up grief for Leo and Peter’s realization about his abusive mother and father. Here’s all the pieces it is advisable learn about this episode. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Great Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with Catherine waking up from a nightmare. Orlo informs her that Tarzinski’s useless physique has been discovered. Catherine then storms off to seek out Peter, conscious that he’s the killer. Meanwhile, Georgina convinces Peter that they should destabilize Catherine’s rule. Peter’s plan, nonetheless, is to easily look forward to Catherine to mess up.


Catherine barges into Peter’s chambers and slaps him. He instantly guarantees to turn into a greater man. However, the empress asks her guards to beat him up. They lock Peter within the room and take his canine away. Later, Velementov asks Catherine to wage a battle on the Ottomans, who’re a menace to Russia. Catherine suggests diplomatic talks. Afterward, Georgina convinces Catherine to exile her and Grigor to France.

Alone within the room, Peter begins to go mad. Aunt Elizabeth tells Catherine that Peter’s mom used to usually lock him as much as torture him. Later, the guards go away Peter’s mom’s mummified corpse in his chambers. Then, Grigor and Georgina bid Peter goodbye. Grigor is unwilling to depart, however his spouse convinces him to take action.

Orlo and Velementov fear about Catherine’s disturbed state. Elsewhere, the Patriarch asks Father Basil to return to his hometown. Peter begins to get upset as he needs to go truffling. Eventually, Marial talks to Catherine and finds out that the empress had a dream during which she saved Leo. Catherine thus believes that she may have saved Leo in actual life.

Later, Orlo runs into his uncle while making out with a random man. His uncle reminds Orlo of his previous and asks him to push the thought of a 400-mile sea street that can convey commerce to their lands. Meanwhile, Catherine is unable to loosen up. She asks the physician to provide her an anti-sleep drugs; after taking it, she turns into extraordinarily hyper. She drags Velementov and Orlo into her workplace for work.

We see that Grigor needs to return, however Georgina doesn’t. Back in Catherine’s chambers, Orlo means that they assemble a sea street and she agrees. In the darkish room, Peter rants to his mom about his horrible childhood. Catherine decides to make Father Basil the brand new Archbishop. Meanwhile, Peter realizes how terrible his mom was and assaults her case; she breaks aside. Later, Marial tells Catherine to cease overworking herself and torturing Peter out of guilt over Leo. “What would Leo say?” she asks. “Forgive, live,” replies Catherine.

A distressed Peter tries to repair the mother however her cranium disintegrates. The subsequent morning, Catherine visits him and apologizes for her conduct. However, when Peter reads out his apology letter and makes it apparent that he doesn’t care about Leo’s dying, the empress loses her mood and takes the canine along with her. She intends to seek out the season’s first truffle and set it on hearth. However, she loses the canine and will get misplaced within the forest.

The Great Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Why is Catherine So Troubled and Restless?

Peter manages to flee his chambers to go truffling. He runs into Velementov; they struggle. Suddenly, the 2 males notice that the canine has discovered a truffle. Elsewhere, Catherine imagines Leo’s presence and permits herself to cry. As Velementov and Peter eat the truffle, the emperor finds out that it was the overall who used to take him truffling as a toddler. Meanwhile, Aunt Elizabeth and Marial discover Catherine. They inform her that she couldn’t have saved Leo and that she should transfer on. Peter and Velementov overtly speak in regards to the latter’s betrayal and the previous’s mother and father. When the 2 males return from the forest, Peter finds Grigor ready for him. Meanwhile, Catherine sees women getting educated and turns into hopeful about her reign.

Thus, Catherine is troubled due to her dream — a manifestation of her guilt. She wonders whether or not she made the suitable selection by selecting Russia over Leo, and believes that she didn’t attempt arduous sufficient to save lots of him. Missing his optimistic presence, Catherine takes out her frustration on Peter, her work, and herself. However, after lastly letting the tears stream and accepting the recommendation of her well-wishers, Catherine realizes that she should transfer on from her heartbreak for her nation.

What Does Peter Realize About His Parents?

Locked within the room along with his mom’s corpse, Peter realizes how harshly he had been handled as a toddler. As he recollects how his mom used to torture him, he confronts the poisonous relationship he had along with her. When the mother breaks and disintegrates, Peter’s unhealthy attachment to his mom’s reminiscence begins to fade as properly.

Later, while truffling with Velementov, Peter discovers one other heartbreaking fact. For years he reminisced the times of truffling along with his father, however by no means knew that he used to desert him more often than not. It was Velementov who accompanied him in the course of the hunts. The normal even asks Peter to neglect his mother and father since they’re useless. It turns into apparent why Peter is such an attention-seeker — he continuously needed his mother and father’ love however by no means bought it. His penchant for violence comes from them as properly, since they uncared for him and his mom even inflicted ache upon him. When Velementov helps him confront and then shun his mother and father’ cruelty, Peter attains an emotional closure of kinds.

Why Are Georgina and Grigor Going to France? Why Does Grigor Come Back?

Georgina convinces Grigor that Russia isn’t secure for them since Peter isn’t in energy. In reality, Georgina asks Catherine to “punish” and “exile” her to Paris in order that she and Grigor might freely escape her rule. Catherine agrees since she needs Peter to be lonely. However, Grigor is simply too trustworthy to Peter and doesn’t like abandoning him. Being his childhood buddy, he can not watch Peter undergo. Thus, he decides to return, selecting Peter over his spouse. He eschews his security in an effort to be buddy and make up for his betrayals.

Why Does Orlo Listen to His Uncle?


Orlo’s uncle reminds him of the truth that he owes his success to his household and thus should use his royal connections for his or her profit. It appears as if his uncle is conscious of one thing which may probably endanger Orlo. Perhaps Orlo has made grave, legal errors previously — that may clarify why he didn’t resist his uncle’s calls for. Additionally, it is likely to be that his uncle is holding his information of Orlo’s male lover towards him.

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