The Left’s secret prejudice against Rwanda scheme helps guarantee evil traffickers get rich while more migrants die


Rwanda slurs

WHAT is the Left’s secret prejudice against Rwanda?

Why do Labour and Lib Dem MPs and hand-wringing churchmen rail against flying unlawful migrants on the market?

The African nation’s High Commissioner in London bitterly accuses them of “outdated and backward” views of his nation.

Sounds about proper.

The liberal-Left fantasy that small-boat migrants are all destitute, terrified ­refugees appears more and more laughable as some pelt police with rocks and others refuse French assist mid-Channel.

But the blinkered, knee-jerk opposition to any options is worse.

It simply ensures that evil traffickers get rich while more migrants die.

Greedy Beeb

THE BBC’s huge public funding has all the time made its craving to compete with industrial companies an obscenity.

And its relentless expansionism has carried out immense injury.

Look at its information web site, serving to wreck native papers.

Now it goals to muscle in on the US market, producing information for liberals designed to nick promoting and clicks from the New York Times and others.

It insists its industrial arm pays for it.

But your complete BBC edifice and model recognition is underpinned by UK viewers nonetheless pressured to fund it by legislation.

If it now believes its future lies in subscriptions and advertisements it should chunk the bullet:

Cut the general public a break, scrap the licence, see if it has sufficient punters to show a revenue.

Right stability

IT is patently unfair for transwomen who went via puberty as males to ­compete in ladies’s sports activities.

Their further muscle, pace and energy present an apparent benefit.

That will rob feminine athletes in every single place of trophies and, at skilled stage, wreck their livelihoods.

So British Cycling has rightly insisted trans riders compete as an alternative in an “open” class.

We sympathise with high trans bicycle owner Emily Bridges — although she does herself no favours calling the ruling “genocide”.

In a troublesome state of affairs, the gravest injustice has rightly been swerved.

Remain sturdy

GERMANY’S recession blows a gap within the Remainers’ relentless Brexit-bashing.

The world’s financial woes are all the way down to Covid and Russia’s invasion.

Yet right here the EU’s followers dishonestly blame Brexit, even for employees shortages regardless of our inhabitants hovering by 606,000 final 12 months.

Every day since we lastly left the EU on the finish of 2020 has been blighted by Covid and warfare, triggering sky-high vitality costs and meals inflation.

Germany, the engine room of the EU, is on its knees.

Our financial system continues to be rising.

Brexit, provably, shouldn’t be the issue.


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