The Lorenskog Disappearance Ending, Explained: Did Tom Hagen Kill His Wife?


Netflix’s ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ is a true-crime drama that focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a billionaire’s partner. Told from the angle of assorted people attempting to resolve the crime, with each attempting to resolve the truth of their very personal method, we see how utterly completely different views technique a case and what it means for the sufferer along with the accused. While navigating the viewers by way of all the details that make this such an fascinating case, the current underlines the human facet of the story, giving additional fleshed-out backstories to the investigators. It is that this technique to storytelling that retains the viewers hooked and affords additional weight to the ending. Here we break down the conclusion of the gathering and analyze what it means for the Hagen case. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Lørenskog Disappearance Plot Synopsis

On October 31, 2018, Tom Hagen comes residence to look out out that his partner has been kidnapped. A ransom phrase has been left, demanding 1000’s and 1000’s of {{dollars}} in change for the safe return of his partner. The phrase moreover warns him to not get the police or the media involved, on account of it should put pressure on the abductors which could stress their hand into doing one factor drastic to Hagen’s partner. Despite the warnings, Hagen approaches the cops, though covertly, and pleads them to not go public with their investigation. The cops decide to take care of the case a secret, nevertheless not for prolonged.

Trying to resolve a case whereas hiding from the perpetrators proves a tricky issue for the police, who uncover that their efforts are impeded on plenty of ranges. Moreover, the abductors don’t look like too eager to barter for the money, and as time passes, the dearth of Hagen’s partner’s proof of life convinces the cops that she gained’t be alive. Weeks later, they decide to take the case public, hoping to look out some breakthrough throughout the leads that the publicity might carry to them. However, it solely attracts Internet’s novice detectives to present you their very personal theories, and a legion of scammers attempting to make hay whereas the photo voltaic shines.

Eventually, the cops come to the conclusion that they need to uncover completely different avenues referring to the disappearance, which means that they’ve to begin out making an attempt into the most typical suspect in such cases: the husband. As Tom Hagen comes beneath scrutiny, a media trial begins, splitting the journalists along with the Internet sleuths into for and in opposition to sections, whereas the cops desperately try to assemble a case in opposition to Hagen.

The Lørenskog Disappearance Ending: Did Tom Hagen Kill His Wife?

According to the laws, a person is innocent until confirmed accountable, and since no concrete proof of Tom Hagen’s guilt is launched forward by the police, Hagen stays innocent of the crime that was perpetrated in opposition to his partner. In the second half of the current, we uncover the cops inspecting each and all of the issues regarding the case, notably the problems that Hagen had suggested them, beneath the sunshine of his guilt. What appeared like a cooperative movement from his end, at first, begins to seem like a well-thought-out manipulation to throw the cops off his path. The additional the cops dig into the case and Hagen’s non-public life, the additional particulars start to return out, though all of them are too obscure to actually assemble a case in opposition to him.

Finally, an informant comes forward with a bit of knowledge that paves a model new path for the investigation. Because Hagen had on a regular basis had a well-backed alibi, the cops suspected that he ought to have acquired help from any individual, though they couldn’t work out who it could have been. Eventually, the title of some criminals pops up. It is alleged that Hagen had, at one stage, employed the businesses of an escort named Astoria. Unbeknownst to him, she’d been involved in a racket that aimed to extort money from rich people like him. This brings throughout the title of an individual often known as Peter Wam, which extra leads the cops to Edon Imani and the Kirap gang.

Though it seems like their informant is telling the truth, the cops need not lower than considered one of many criminals to be linked to Hagen to assemble their case. They try to arrest Peter Wam, nevertheless on account of he’s in Spain, it’s less complicated for him to slip out of their grasp, and he succeeds in flying away to Dubai. With him gone, the cops can’t switch forward with their investigation into Imani and Kirap, which means that their case has come to a dull end. On prime of that, their informant dies by suicide in jail, which isn’t solely an unlimited moral letdown however as well as robs the cops of any grounds they might have wanted to proceed making an attempt into the criminals.

In the tip, Jorunn Lakke turns into disillusioned with the case. Considering how prolonged they’d been working at it, it seems like they weren’t able to carry it to any conclusive stage. Meanwhile, Hagen supplies an interview to put forward his viewpoint of the events and his feelings regarding the cops attempting to pin the blame on him. Lakke’s father acknowledges Hagen as his earlier classmate, saying that he was introverted nevertheless an excellent explicit individual. When he asks whether or not or not Hagen has executed one factor harmful, Lakke admits that she has no thought. This implies that even when she believes that Hagen really killed his partner, she has no choice to point out it, and due to this fact, it gained’t factually stand throughout the court docket docket of laws.

Was Anne-Elisabeth Hagen Found?

What makes disappearance cases so arduous to resolve is the dearth of very potent proof: the lifeless physique. The technique of demise can inform plenty of points a number of crime, and since Anne-Elisabeth was on no account found, the thriller of what occurred to her stays merely that, a thriller. After the next-to-no communication with the abductors, the cops have little doubt in regards to the fact that Anne-Elisabeth is lifeless by now. Even within the occasion that they’d saved her alive at first, frequently that has handed since then makes it pretty unbelievable for the abductors to take care of her in captivity for thus prolonged, notably as soon as they on no account acquired the money that they’d demanded at first. While all indicators stage in the direction of her demise, the cops can’t help nevertheless acknowledge that there isn’t a proof of demise merely as there isn’t a proof of life.

Anne-Elisabeth disappeared in October 2018, and thru the years, the investigation into her case has not led to one thing concrete. There have been theories and speculations all over the place within the Internet, with some believing that her husband killed her to others postulating that she ran away to flee the marriage that she wanted out of. The cops moreover explored the angle of Tom Hagen’s affiliation with some criminals whom he allegedly paid to get the job executed, nevertheless haven’t found one thing that really proves it. So, all that they’ve, at this stage, is solely circumstantial, okay for speculation nevertheless not for the laws. Even now, as a result of the case of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen stays open, there was no conclusive proof to any end that will reply what really occurred to her.


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