The Old Man Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained



‘The Old Man‘ continues to shed light on the life of former CIA agent Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) as he fends off his pursuers in the third episode. However, the third episode, titled ‘III,’ sees Dan coming face-to-face with a deadly foe whereas Zoe comes close to finding out the truth about him. Meanwhile, a recreation of suspicion and double-crossing is prepared up on the CIA base, with stunning twists coming to the fore. If you’re failing to make sense of all the thrilling developments throughout the action-packed episode, proper right here is each little factor you may need to know regarding the ending of ‘The Old Man’ episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Old Man Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3, titled ‘III,’ opens with a think about the frequent lifetime of Julian Carson, a mysterious assassin employed by Harold Harper to assassinate Dan Chase. Meanwhile, Chase prepares to go away Zoe’s abode and makes an excuse to go away for Montana. Thanks to the stop on the police checkpoint on the best way wherein residence from their date, Chase appropriately suspects that the CIA is aware of his location. Fearing for Zoe’s safety, Dan asks her to return again with him. However, Zoe shortly sees by means of Dan’s excuse, and the dialog takes a drastic flip forcing Dan to reveal the truth about himself. Their dialog is interrupted by a reputation from Emily, who tries to steer Zoe to perception Dan, nevertheless to no avail.

A flashback sequence particulars Young Dan’s arrival at Faraz Hamazad’s camp. While Dan convinces Hamzad to let him be a part of the battle in the direction of the Russians, Hamzad insists that Dan ought to moreover persuade his partner, Belour, who’s an identical lady we’ve acquired come to know as Dan’s partner, Abbey Chase. Hence, it turns into clear that in the end, Dan and Abbey fled from Hamzad’s camp with Harper’s help and eloped to the USA.

In the present, Emily’s dialog with Zoe ends only for the scene to shift to a quiet parking zone the place Emily’s identification is lastly revealed. Emily is none aside from FBI Agent Angela Adams, Harper’s trusted protégé. Thus, Emily is a double agent torn between her obligation in course of her father and loyalty to Harper. So far, Emily/Angela is worthwhile in strolling the thin line separating her two father figures.

At Zoe’s dwelling, Zoe refuses to go together with Dan and requires he go away sooner than she returns from working an errand. However, as Zoe makes her choice to her automotive, she hears noises from the kitchen. Zoe returns inside the house solely to hunt out Dan engaged in a battle with an intruder. The intruder is Julian Carson, who shortly knocks out Dan. However, Zoe frees Dan’s canine, Dave and Carol, who preserve off Carson until Dan recovers and shoots the knowledgeable hitman. The CIA watches on by means of a drone as a SWAT employees prepares to swarm Zoe’s dwelling. However, Dan expertly takes out the drone forcing the SWAT employees to retreat.

In a flashback, Young Dan tries to steer Young Abbey that he is perhaps helpful to Hamzad’s set off. However, Abbey stays skeptical and shares her tragic backstory that explains her dislike of Americans. In the present, Harper theorizes that Agent Raymond Waters is working for Hamzad. While Waters tries to deny the allegation, Angela suggests they should straight ask Hamzad what he wishes with Dan Chase. Thus, Waters agrees to organize a gathering with Hamzad. In the last word scene, Dan Chase prepares to go to his subsequent protected spot nevertheless stops to look at on one factor in his automotive trunk.

The Old Man Episode 3 Ending: What Is Inside Dan’s Car Trunk?

Earlier throughout the episode, Dan states that he’s constructive that he can no longer perception anyone. By the episode’s ending, the an identical is confirmed true as Harper, Waters, and Angela could also be working collectively nevertheless are clearly pushing their very personal agendas. Carson may be alive and unlikely to give up the pursuit of Dan. It is all shortly going to erupt proper right into a volcano of double-crossings and betrayals that was set in motion by Dan betraying Hamzad. However, the last word flashback of the episode hints that there’s additional to Dan and Hamzad’s story than merely a feud over a lady’s affection. While we must always look forward to options on that entrance, the episode ends on one different puzzling discover.

In the last word scene, Dan stands in entrance of his automotive trunk as a result of the digicam pans out. However, we decrease to the credit score sooner than viewers can see what’s contained within the automotive trunk. Given the episode’s trajectory, the reply is pretty obvious. Dan has seemingly taken Zoe with him on his journey away from these pursuing him. In the sooner episode, Zoe calls Dan, her husband, all through the police look at. Moreover, she is now aware of Dan’s true identification, and folks attempting to kill Dan are aware of his connection to Zoe. Therefore, Zoe is beneath danger from all angles, and Dan believes that taking her alongside is the one possibility to carry Zoe protected. In their final dialog of the episode, Zoe vehemently refuses to go together with Dan. Therefore, there could also be every probability that Dan was compelled to take Zoe hostage for her safety.


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