The Time Traveler’s Wife Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained



‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ follows the winding love story of a girl destined to marry Henry, an individual who spontaneously and uncontrollably time travels. In episode 3, an aged Clare recollects how her youthful self continued to fulfill the time-traveling Henry whereas questioning in the event that they could be married eventually.

The variations between her linear timeline and Henry’s temporally muddled life flip into extra and extra apparent, along with some uncomfortable challenges and some awkward moments. The episode closes on an ominous discover the place we see one different novel use for Henry’s powers — murder. Let’s take a extra in-depth take a look at ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ episode 3 and see how points show. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with an aged Clare recalling how she was six years outdated when she first met her soulmate. Interestingly, this episode doesn’t operate an aged mannequin of Henry, and Clare at one degree mentions that he’s lifeless. She continues narrating how, by subsequent conferences, the youthful mannequin of her grew to develop into extra and extra aware that her future self is maybe the partner Henry mentions all through his visits. By the time she is 13, Clare locations collectively the assorted clues (along with obvious ones like sharing Henry’s partner’s title) that her time-traveling future husband drops and turns into certain that they will be married. However, Henry continues to deny it.

As a sixteen-year-old, we see Clare beginning to flirt with Henry. She refuses to supply him his clothes and pushes him far more to admit that they finally get collectively. However, she moreover begins attending highschool occasions and catches the attention of a most well-liked jock named Jason. While Clare eyes him at a celebration, Henry sits alone at their spot, prepared for her. However, by the purpose Clare returns, wanting matted, Henry disappears once more to his private time interval.

The subsequent time they meet, Clare is in a darkish mood and takes Henry for a nerve-wracking drive. She claims that since Henry is conscious of an older mannequin of her, there isn’t a technique they’ll die. In anger, Henry explains to her that all her choices are nonetheless her private and that she mustn’t act as if her life is “on rails.” Later, Clare makes a wierd request to Henry. She asks him to murder her classmate, Jason.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Episode 3 Ending: What Happens to Jason? Is He Dead or Alive?

Henry prepares to murder Jason by calling his present-day mannequin and telling him to have an alibi prepared. He and Clare then drive to Jason’s residence and abduct the boy using Clare’s father’s gun. Jason is terrified, and though she plans to kill him, Clare brings alongside his inhaler. Henry finds all of it pretty amusing until she displays him the bruises inflicted on her by Jason.

Maddened, Henry ties Jason to a tree and threatens to kill him. Unfortunately, he rapidly feels one different bout of time journey approaching and disappears. Left alone with a weeping and tied-up Jason, Clare calls all the ladies from her class who’ve been hurt by a boy, and we ultimate see them surrounding Jason, writing on him with a blue marker.

Apart from a fast closing scene that depicts an 18-year-old Clare and a 41-year-old Henry at their widespread spot for the ultimate time, the highest of the episode is kind of darkish. It is revealed that Jason raped Clare, though she not at all reveals it to Henry on account of she doesn’t must think about it herself. However, Henry is conscious of that Jason has hurt Clare deeply and seems pretty adamant about killing him. However, he disappears and leaves Clare alone with a tied-up Jason.

Despite it being Clare’s thought, it turns into clear that she doesn’t want Jason to really die. However, there’s some kind of revenge that Clare is adamant about taking from the one that raped her. Ultimately, Jason survives, nonetheless Clare leaves him tied to a tree collectively along with his pores and pores and skin lined with handwritten accounts by girls who’ve been hurt as properly. Interestingly, it’s at this degree that Clare realizes that paintings doesn’t merely must be aesthetically pleasing nonetheless can even be used for revenge.

What is the Significance of the Marker?

Before returning to his private time, Henry hurriedly palms Clare a marker nonetheless doesn’t make clear why he’s giving it to her. He merely says that he has a way that she’ll need it. When he returns to his private time, the place he’s married to Clare, we see the equivalent marker displayed on her desk. Thus, the marker clearly has some weighty significance and has been preserved by Clare.

The marker that Henry leaves behind turns into Clare’s weapon in opposition to Jason along with an outlet for her rage. She makes use of it to jot down on Jason an account of how he assaulted her after which invites others who’ve been equally hurt to do the equivalent. The marker is usually a emblem of Clare’s new outlook on artistic expression on account of she realizes after writing on Jason that she has created a murals. When we meet the 20-year-old Clare, she is already a budding artist and might be going impressed by this experience with the marker.


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