The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12 Recap and Ending, (*11*)


The twelfth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic collection ‘The Walking Dead’ season 11 facilities round Pamela and Lance’s visits to the close by communities. They arrive at Alexandria to examine the renovations and go to Oceanside and Hilltop for discussing the prospects of a partnership. After accumulating meals provides for Alexandrians, Maggie is in Hilltop with Elijah, Lydia, and Dianne. Pamela’s go to forces Maggie to resolve the destiny of Hilltop with extreme penalties. Intrigued by the numerous developments in regards to the destiny of the survivor communities, we have now taken a magnified take a look at the episode’s ending. Here are our ideas! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12 Recap

The twelfth episode of the eleventh season, titled ‘The Lucky Ones,’ begins with Max explaining what occurred concerning (*12*) to Eugene. Max makes it clear that it was her who talked to him over the radio and not the (*12*) he met within the Commonwealth. She reveals that she needed to cease speaking with him when her brother Mercer discovered in regards to the communication breach, solely to get shocked to see Eugene with a unique (*12*). In misery, he sits by a lake and expresses his unhappiness to Rosita. Meanwhile, Ezekiel involves know that he can bear surgical procedure quickly.

Lance leads Pamela to go to Alexandria. She will get impressed by the institution however security considerations come up when a walker breaches the wall. After Alexandria, Pamela and Lance go to Oceanside and discuss to Rachel concerning Oceanside’s partnership with the Commonwealth. Rachel informs Pamela that her neighborhood will settle for the partnership provided that Maggie’s Hilltop does the identical. To persuade Maggie, Lance and Pamela go to Hilltop and encounters her halfway. Pamela turns into captivated to see Maggie’s management and explains her supply for Hilltop to affix the Commonwealth. Maggie expresses her happiness to see Daryl and Aaron and she ponders over Pamela’s supply.

Back within the Commonwealth, Carol visits Ezekiel, who informs her in regards to the surgical procedure. Carol turns into ecstatic, just for Ezekiel to understand that she is behind his sudden choice for the surgical procedure. He turns into morally conflicted about his choice however Carol convinces Ezekiel to bear it. A swarm of walkers arrives at Hilltop, who will get killed by the Commonwealth military very quickly.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12 Ending: Why Does Maggie Pass Pamela’s Offer? What are Lance’s Ambitions?

Like Alexandria, Hilltop is affected by the dearth of requirements that embody meals and shelter. When the Commonwealth approaches, extending their assets in return for a partnership, Dianne and others attempt to make Maggie notice how a lot Hilltop wants such help. However, Maggie is conscious that the Commonwealth is a double-edged sword. Maggie is frightened whether or not accepting Pamela’s partnership will pave the way in which for her autonomous reign, limiting the independence and sovereignty of Hilltop and the members of the neighborhood. The last item Maggie needs to see is Pamela utilizing the lives of her compatriots in line with the latter’s want.

The methods and look of Pamela make it clear that she is just not one among the many individuals she represents. Her superior demeanor shows that she considers herself as a superior being to her residents. Maggie, who lives alongside together with her neighborhood members with out the prevalence of a frontrunner, realizes that she doesn’t need to give away her neighborhood for Pamela to rule. Maggie is sensible and skilled sufficient to grasp that “partnership” is only a well mannered phrase for Pamela and the Commonwealth to hijack Hilltop. Even although the shortage of meals and shelter is a priority, Maggie doesn’t need to pawn Hilltop’s freedom for the luxuries Pamela presents.

Influencing Maggie to simply accept Pamela’s supply is indispensable for Lance’s ambitions. Although Pamela is the governor, Lance is the bold one between the 2. His craving for energy leads him to Alexandria, Oceanside, and Hilltop. He is aware of that if he can handle so as to add the three communities to the umbrella of the Commonwealth, Pamela can’t ignore his significance within the civilization. If he succeeds in doing so, Pamela could also be compelled to think about Lance because the governor of the exterior communities.

The authority of Alexandria, Oceanside, and Hilltop might grow to be a major power independently for Lance to threaten Pamela’s energy. Even although Lance’s ulterior motives aren’t revealed but, there’s a chance that Lance is eyeing to dethrone Pamela utilizing the authority of the opposite three communities, to ascertain himself as the only tyrant of the survivors. Maggie’s rejection challenges Lance’s ambitions, particularly since he’ll fail to persuade Oceanside as effectively. In the upcoming episodes, we may even see Lance making an attempt his greatest to alter Maggie’s thoughts to maneuver his pawns in a hidden battle with Pamela for unchallenged energy.

Do Eugene and Max Get Together?

Upon realizing that Max is the true (*12*), Eugene turns into conflicted. He fails to understand whether or not he liked Max, who talked to him over the radio as (*12*), or Shira, who shared her life with him within the Commonwealth upon deceiving him as (*12*). After pondering significantly, Eugene goes to fulfill Max to request a second likelihood at his attachment together with her. However, Max initially expresses her doubts in regards to the second likelihood and questions Eugene about how he failed to grasp the variations between her and Shira.

A helpless Eugene can solely inform Max that he was lured into Shira’s acceptance after a number of rejections. In his coronary heart, Eugene is aware of that the inspiration of his love for Shira was constructed by way of his conversations with Max. After mourning the betrayal, Eugene returns to his senses and realizes that the emotions he had for (*12*) do belong to Max. Although Max rushes to dismiss him initially, she is able to give Eugene an opportunity. She talks to him about his novel and reminisces in regards to the lovable connection they cherished by way of their conversations over the radio.

Max’s heartening interplay with Eugene signifies that she is going to think about giving Eugene a second likelihood. Even if a relationship is off the desk presently, Eugene’s request and Max’s constructive response show that there’s a stage for them to get collectively sooner or later, particularly as soon as they begin to spend time collectively as they did by way of the radio.


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