The Wheel of Time Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained


‘The Wheel of Time’ is an epic fantasy collection that follows Moiraine and a gaggle of 5 children, one of whom is destined to carry the destiny of the world of their palms. Set in a fancy and magical world, the opening episode of the collection introduces us to the traditional prophecy and the horrific creatures making an attempt to tilt issues of their favor. The journey has begun, and it’s going to be an expansive one, so let’s be sure we begin off on the correct foot and decide up all the main points. Without additional ado, let’s dive into ‘The Wheel of Time’ episode 1, titled ‘Leavetaking.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Wheel of Time Episode 1 Recap

The episode opens with Moiraine getting ready to seek for the reincarnation of the “Dragon,” a robust being liable for “breaking the world” many ages in the past. Moiraine claims that the Dragon, who has been reborn, is now twenty years of age and she subsequently arrives within the historic village of Two Rivers to search for the teen who’s channeling the traditional entity. Meanwhile, a clan of magical ladies in crimson robes is seen chasing two males who’re finally trapped by an avalanche of rocks. As one of them begs for mercy, the opposite one mysteriously disappears. The chief of the group of ladies then kills the person, saying he isn’t match to have the ability reserved just for ladies.

Meanwhile, in Two Rivers, the villagers have a good time a pageant to assist information their useless. Nynaeve, who has mystical powers that permit her to heal and hear omens within the wind, gives to show Egwene the traditional data, saying she is succesful of listening to the wind too. However, Egwene’s lover Rand is sad when he realizes that she plans on leaving to go and study the paranormal methods. As the celebrations within the village proceed, the unsuspecting villagers are out of the blue attacked by a hoard of brutal creatures which have the top of a boar.

The Wheel of Time Episode 1 Ending: Who is Moiraine Looking For? Who is the Dragon?

The assault is brutal, and the villagers are slaughtered mercilessly. Rand and his father put up a struggle, however the latter is grievously injured. Perrin, one of Rand’s two shut pals (the opposite being Mat), additionally battles the brutish creatures however unintentionally stabs his spouse throughout the struggle. Eventually, Moiraine realizes that the creatures attacking the village are Trollocs, which the Dark One instructions. We then get the primary glimpse of her magical prowess as she effectively mows down most of the horde utilizing fireballs, lightning, and levitating rocks.


However, the hassle exhausts her, and with extra Trollocs on the best way, her companion Lan warns Moiraine that she will be unable to carry them off. She collects Rand, Egwene, Perrin, and Mat and informs them that the Trollocs are on the lookout for them and will proceed to assault the village until they arrive together with her. Just earlier than they go away, Nynaeve is dragged away by a Trolloc into the darkness, and the episode closes with the 4 children leaving the village together with Moiraine and Lan.

Though the episode closes with Moiraine claiming that one of the 4 children together with her is the Dragon Reborn, she doesn’t know which one. Hence, she decides to take all 4 of them together with her. Through the episode, we get a couple of hints about who the magician is on the lookout for, and it’s revealed that the reincarnation of the Dragon was supposedly born twenty years in the past. Therefore, Moiraine is on the lookout for a youth that’s twenty years of age.

With not a lot else to assist her on her search, she decides to look within the village of Two Rivers as a result of it’s an historic village whose folks have an extended and valiant bloodline. The 4 youths she picks (Rand, Egwene, Perrin, and Mat) are about twenty years previous, and although Nynaeve additionally appears to be younger and have magical talents, it’s revealed that she is twenty-five and is subsequently possible not the Dragon Reborn.

As defined originally of the episode, the Dragon Reborn is the reincarnation of the unique entity that took on the Dark One. Though he induced the world to “break,” his reincarnation is prophesied to have the ability to save lots of the world (although, if the Dark One will get to the Dragon Reborn first, it could possibly as soon as once more result in catastrophic destruction).

Is Nynaeve Dead?

Nynaeve is final seen being dragged by a Trolloc into the darkness of the night time as Egwene watches helplessly. Things look fairly dire for the previous as Trollocs are brutally sturdy and extraordinarily bloodthirsty. However, Nynaeve is probably one of the perfect fighters within the village and has demonstrated that she will be able to briefly maintain off a Trolloc. Therefore, contemplating we don’t see her getting killed however merely dragged away, there’s a good probability that Nynaeve will outsmart the Trolloc (who aren’t the brightest creatures) and escape together with her life.

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