Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 4 titled ‘The Reason for Her Smile, I Want to Be Playful Like a Girl, & Heroes Fall a Lot,’ the titular protagonist turns into simply a little interested in hugging her pal and having further of a girly relationship collectively along with her buddies. Meanwhile, Carol continues to be puzzled by her uncommon romantic dynamics with Misaki, who appears to not even see her as a girl. One unusual day, Mifune and Ogawa meet Tomo for a actually non-public goal. Here’s each half you need to know regarding the ending of ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 4 Recap

Tanabe is a scholar in Tomo’s class who has a crush on Misuzu nonetheless she appears to not even uncover his existence. He realizes that she not often smiles, so he tries to make her blush nonetheless ends up having his face taped by her. Interestingly, Misuzu does the an identical with Carol when she tries to hug him. Later that day, Tomo notices girls begin nice ample to hug and be shut to not less than one one different, one factor she has typically prevented all this time. She craves a further girly relationship collectively along with her buddies and even proposes the considered hugging Misuzu. (*4*), Misuzu merely doesn’t seem to like the thought the least bit and acts unpredictably.

Late that day, Carol presents Tomo a protracted hug following which she begins doubting her sexuality. Interestingly, Misuzu confesses typically afterward that she too wish to be hugged. When the two buddies lastly embrace, she tells Tomo that she should hug Junichirou sometime. When Tomo argues that may in all probability be awkward, Misuzu reminds her that Junichirou acts clingy collectively along with her on a common foundation. But when Tomo hugs Junichirou from behind later that day, he pushes her away. Tomo reminds him that he does it on a common foundation nonetheless Junichirou is adamant and admonishes her to not at all do it as soon as extra.

Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 4 Ending: Why Does Carol Need Love Advice From Misuzu?

During the lunch break on the college, Carol takes Misuzu to the terrace in an effort to get some advice on her love life. Interestingly, she has moreover referred to as Misaki there, so that Misuzu can truly see and understand what she is dealing with. Misaki thanks Misuzu for caring for Carol, whom he considers his little sister. He even argues that although she seems odd, Misuzu ought to keep in mind that might be a good lady deep down.

Meanwhile, Carol is busy consuming lunch and when some meals crumbs fall on her clothes, Misaki dusts them away with out even realizing that he’s touching her in an inappropriate methodology. After he leaves, Misuzu tells Carol that he understands her draw back is form of similar to Tomo’s since Misaki does see her as a girl. For now, all she tells her to do is take life further severely.

Why Do Mifune and Ogawa Ask For Tomo’s Help?

When Carol, Misuzu, and Tomo are having a private dialog throughout the class, they’re disturbed by Mifune. It appears that Ogawa is being approached by a third-year scholar on the college who observed she met at a mixer. (*4*), the boy is notorious for approaching every completely different lady romantically and isn’t actually concerned in relationship anyone. As if that’s already not unhealthy ample, girls who chosen to say no his romantic advances often end up getting bullied relentlessly.

This is why Ogawa is definitely concerned and wants Tomo to accompany her when she meets this man later that day after college. Naturally, Tomo goes with Ogawa and Mifune to produce the two of all of them her help. When the notorious philanderer lastly displays up, Tomo stands in entrance so that her buddies actually really feel assured. When she informs him that Ogawa simply isn’t concerned in her, he shamelessly calls Tomo an infinite after which argues that the three of them may have misunderstood points. He then goes on to clarify that he solely approached Ogawa as a results of he thought she was easy.

His inconsiderate and shallow suggestions infuriate Tomo who kicks him so exhausting that he may barely rise as much as fight. Tomo then walks away assuring Ogawa and Mifune that she’s going to deal with him if he tries to return after them as soon as extra. But that exact same day, he meets a few of his buddies to plan an assault on Tomo. (*4*) for him, Junichirou overhears what they intend to do and beats them up so brutally that they later apologize to Tomo, who feels unhealthy that she may have crossed the highway.


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