Upload Season 2 Ending, Explained: Does Nathan Die?


Amazon Prime’s ‘Upload’ returns for a surreal season 2 with the actual world and the capitalism-controlled afterlife world of Lakeview colliding like by no means earlier than. The thriller on the heart of the quirky sci-fi collection can be getting greater, with some fairly ominous repercussions. The Ludds are again in power, and Ingrid takes her obsession with Nathan to an entire new stage at the same time as our hero tries desperately to work issues out with Nora. There’s so much that goes down in ‘Upload’ season 2 so let’s soar in with none additional ado! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Upload Season 2 Recap

Season 2 opens with Nora and her father, Dave, escaping into the forest and becoming a member of the Ludds, an anti-technology group bent upon stopping the capitalist maintain on the afterlife trade. Under the extreme Pastor Rob, who thinks all Uploads are abominations, the Ludds perform assaults on firms that provide exorbitant afterlife options for the rich. Nora turns into a reluctant participant of the neighborhood and helps them take down a storage facility utilized by the uber-rich deceased to retailer their bodily our bodies. However, as a disastrous “Download” experiment has confirmed, it’s nonetheless unimaginable to switch somebody’s consciousness from an afterlife facility again right into a physique.

Meanwhile, Ingrid turns into an Upload and rescues Nathan from the 2 Gig part, the place he relegates himself on the finish of season 1. The relationship stays bumpy as ever, and Ingrid is now fixated on having a “digital baby.” However, it’s then revealed that she is merely utilizing a Hug Suit and pretending to be an Upload, which explains why she retains zoning out. During her time at Lakeview, it additionally turns into an open secret that she helped her father, Oliver Kannerman, kill Nathan after the latter offered his code to the daddy.

Things get somewhat heated on the idyllic afterlife simulation after the Ludds efficiently assault the power, prompting the corporate to place in strict new measures. The present takes one other hilarious swipe at capitalist greed as Horizen then begins scanning Lakeview residents’ ideas and desires below the guise of security measures. Of course, the mockingly soul much less afterlife firm additionally begins promoting its residents’ desires, with a number of the extra sexual ones touchdown up on (*2*)

Upload Season 2 Ending: Does Nathan Die? Does His Head Explode After the Nosebleed?

The season 2 finale is a dramatic flurry of plot twists. Ingrid, hoping to persuade Nathan to have an actual child together with her, reveals that she is regenerating his physique within the hopes that Downloads will sometime grow to be profitable. She additionally reveals she’s been utilizing a Hug Suit this complete time to fake to be an Upload, at which level Nathan lastly breaks up together with her. He then rushes off to attempt to cease the sinister new Freeyond service, which guarantees to be a free afterlife service for the poor however is definitely a part of a much bigger scheme to swing nationwide elections.

Nora enlists the assistance of the Ludds to attempt to cease Freeyond, which requires Nathan to Download into the physique Ingrid has been rising for him. A quick standoff later, Nathan’s consciousness efficiently transfers into his physique. Ingrid, livid at having her plan foiled, returns house and pulls out a hair from Nathan’s previous hairbrush, promising to take what’s hers. Meanwhile, Nora and Nathan lastly get some alone time on the practice again to New York. However, because the season closes, Nathan notices his nostril starting to bleed.

And so, season 2 closes on an ominous notice, with the protagonist’s head presumably seconds away from exploding. So far, all earlier makes an attempt to Download have resulted within the topic’s head gruesomely blowing up, be it human or fowl (sure, that’s why the pigeon’s head unexpectedly explodes). Thus, one of many present’s most heartwarming scenes — that of Nathan and Nora lastly getting some romantic time collectively — may simply finish with the latter waking as much as the sound of the previous’s head exploding.

As terrible because it sounds, contemplating earlier experiments, there’s a excessive probability that Nathan, or atleast his present physique, goes to die. However, the present isn’t darkish sufficient to so brutally kill off the protagonist, so there is perhaps a couple of methods through which Nathan might be saved. For one, the know-how used to Download him into his physique has been acquired from the Grey Zone (a quite clearly named gray market). Thus, there might be a glitch within the system that might cease Nathan’s head from exploding.

The most essential element about Nathan’s destiny, nevertheless, may simply be at Horizen’s places of work in New York, the place the nervous temp, Tinsley, has simply found that our hero is lacking from Lakeview. On the recommendation of a senior worker (and to keep away from getting fired), Tinsley has begun to secretly generate a backup model of Nathan inside Lakeview. As not an excessive amount of time has handed for the reason that doubtlessly disastrous Download, the restored backup model will seemingly have all of the reminiscences of Nathan till that time.

Thus, even when the present Nathan dies (which is very seemingly, and it wouldn’t even be the primary time we see the protagonist’s head explode), one other model will probably be current in Lakeview, ready to take his place. Though we don’t know the way it will have an effect on his reminiscences or what Nora’s emotions for the restored model will probably be, at the very least we will make certain that this isn’t the tip of Nathan.

Do Nathan and Nora Stop Freeyond?

To put it merely, no — Nathan and Nora are fairly removed from stopping Freeyond. This is all of the extra dramatic as the previous’s mom, Viv, plans on Uploading herself into the sinister new free afterlife service. The final that we see them, Nathan, Nora, and the Ludds, are on their solution to the Freeyond workplace, the place they plan to make use of Nathan’s retina as a password to interrupt into the service’s code (which was written by Nathan). However, the plan may come gruesomely undone if Nathan’s head explodes, as appears to be strongly hinted within the season’s closing moments.

Of course, there’s a probability that Nathan doesn’t die, or (to not get too gory, however) the group manages to salvage an eyeball and use it to interrupt into Freeyond. There are additionally different methods through which Nathan might assist cease Freeyond even when his head explodes. The most evident step could be to have his (backup) model transferred from Lakeview to Freeyond and attempt to disrupt or repair the system from the within (and presumably save his mom). However, on the finish of season 2, Nathan and Nora merely know of Freeyond’s sinister plan and are nowhere near stopping the corporate from doubtlessly swinging elections by Uploading massive sections of the less-than-wealthy populace.

What is Ingrid Planning to Do with the Hair?

Ingrid is final seen pulling a hair out of Nathan’s previous hairbrush, and it’s fairly apparent that she means to make use of his DNA. She might be planning to make use of it to make one other clone of Nathan since she has made it fairly clear that she is going to cease at nothing to have her reluctant ex-boyfriend in her life. However, Ingrid might additionally plan to make use of Nathan’s DNA to meet her dream of getting a toddler with him. As the digital physician earlier identified, if Nathan’s DNA is a part of the kid, he’s additionally financially responsible for it. Thus, utilizing the DNA from his hair might be one other considered one of Ingrid’s schemes to regulate her ex-boyfriend.

It’s attention-grabbing to notice that, unbeknownst to her, Ingrid may simply be saving Nathan’s life. The closing moments of season 2 depart us with quite a lot of questions but additionally provide some intelligent hints. If Nathan’s head does explode, all of the items for his restoration are in place. While Tinsley, the Horizen temp, is making a backup model of Nathan’s consciousness, Ingrid has conveniently opened a path to recreate his bodily physique. Thus, at the same time as our hero faces potential dying, each his thoughts and physique are already at various levels of being recreated.


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