WATCH: Shellyne Rodriguez Video Viral On Social Media, What Happened To Her?


Shellyne Rodriguez Video: A clip of Shellyne Rodriguez, an affiliate provost on the Visual Arts School of New York and Manhattan University, brandishing a knife and assaulting a journalist has accomplished the rounds, stunning the web. The accident occurred solely weeks solely after the trainer yelled obscenities at folks learning at a pro-life kiosk on the campus, whom she finally destroyed. Follow Our web site  Media for the newest updates!!!!!

Shellyne Rodriguez Video

On Tuesday, May 22, 2023, Reuven Fenton of the Washington Post approached Rodriguez about simply the occasion in her Bronx home. In response, she pulled a blade and threatened to “cut” him. The girl subsequently chased Fenton and his photographer companion open air whereas nonetheless holding the firearm.

Once phrase of the occasion emerged, a number of folks turned appalled by Shellyne Rodriguez’s actions and requested for her to be dismissed. According to a Hunter College consultant, Vince Dimiceli, “Harper University categorically rejects Shellyne Rodriguez’s abhorrent acts however has undertaken swift motion…

Shellyne Rodriguez: Wikipedia

(She) has already been dismissed from her employment at Hunter University efficient proper now and isn’t again to coach on the campus.” Rodriguez is a Brooklyn, New York-born painter, lecturer, writer, and social reformer. In 2011, she acquired a bachelor’s diploma in artwork (BFA) as From the University of Aesthetic Style’s Graphic & Cultural Sciences Department, and in 2014, she acquired her Master of Arts in Fine Arts (MFA) from Hunter University.

Shellyne Rodriguez Education

Shellyne Rodriguez has taken lessons in Design, Art, and Multidisciplinary Research at Hunter University, in addition to Media Studies and dissertation supervisor on the Visual Arts School. Her artwork explores themes of optimism and sorrow through private materials and cultural parts.

She explains her technique as follows: It employs phrase, sketch, paint, mosaic, and sculpting to symbolize areas and useful areas of the group in strategies and strategies within the face of deletion and domination. The artwork of one thing just like the honors designer has appeared at quite a few artwork occasions and establishments, together with the Metropolitan Art Gallery in addition to the Center of each the New York Metropolis.

Shellyne Rodriguez Contributions

Her contribution has additionally been acknowledged the world over, leading to her being scheduled to ship talks. Netizens had been astonished and frightened when the footage of Rodriguez holding a blade made headlines. They ordered her detention after questioning her eligibility for the place of lecturer.

What Happened To Shellyne Rodriguez?

Numerous others referred to her as “crazy,” “psychotic,” and a “menace to society.” While Shellyne Rodriguez actually hasn’t responded to present occasions, studies have reported that she is difficult the Police. Authorities allegedly assaulted her shortly after being jailed throughout a lot of the George Floyd demonstration in July 2020, she mentioned. She will probably be scheduled to go to trial for an equivalent motive in July 2023.


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