We Own This City Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained


‘We Own This City‘ tells the story of corruption within the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. In the second episode, titled ‘Part Two,’ Wayne Jenkins shows on his time with the BPD whereas in police custody. FBI Agent Erika Jensen begins her probe into the BPD with help from Harford County Detective David McDougall. However, as Jensen investigates the cops and interrogates officer Jemell Rayam, she learns of the stunning depths of the corruption inside BPD. If you need to atone for the episode’s events and ending, proper right here is the whole thing you must discover out about (*2*) episode 2! SPOILERS AHEAD!

We Own This City Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2, titled ‘Part Two,’ opens with Wayne Jenkins positioned in an FBI detention center. He shows on his early days with the BPD. A flashback sequence reveals that Jenkins picked up the considered doing points his private method early in his occupation with out loads regard for protocols and procedures. He moreover learns further regarding the extreme crime expenses in Baltimore and realizes the need for harsh policing in town’s streets. In the present, Jenkins threatens his GTTF colleague Jemell Rayam to take care of his mouth shut.

In the interrogation room, FBI Agent Erika Jensen begins interrogating Rayam. In a flashback to 2015, following the dying of Freddie Gray, Kevin Davis is appointed as Commissioner and addresses the GTTF and totally different plainclothes officers. Davis reassures his stress that he’ll once more his officers inside the space after they use harsh methods however as well as warns them to be delicate. However, Davis is irked by Jenkins’ rebellious angle by way of the meeting. Elsewhere, Aaron Anderson is interrogated by Detective David McDougall and Jensen. He reveals Antonio Shropshire and his connection to an individual named G Money.

Meanwhile, the Harford County police begin wiretapping officer Momodu Gondo. Soon, McDougall and Jensen perceive that “G Money” is the highway determine of Gondo. Thus, his suspicion that the BPD is worried with Shropshire’s drug racket. In the present, Jensen continues speaking with Rayam, who reveals further regarding the GTTF’s theft at Anderson’s house, the place they seized cash and medicines. The scene shifts to 2015 as Nicole Steele investigates GTTF’s Daniel Hersl and speaks with considered one of many victims of Hersel’s brutality. At the equivalent time, Sean M. Suiter begins a homicide investigation.

We Own This City Episode 2 Ending: Who Are the Other Corrupt Cops?

As the episode progresses, Erika Jensen interrogates Jemell Rayam. While the first episode highlights Momodu “G Money” Gondo and Wayne Jenkins as two of the corrupt cops inside the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force, the second episode reveals rather more cops who’re corrupt. Rayam speaks out in opposition to Gondo and Jenkins whereas moreover naming Sergeant Thomas Allers as considered one of many corrupt cops inside the metropolis. According to the disgraced officer, Allers simply isn’t solely acutely aware of Jenkins and Gondo’s illegal actions nonetheless could be involved in them.

Furthermore, Rayam insinuates that the higher authorities protect the officers as a consequence of their brutal however environment friendly methods of policing the streets. The equivalent is clear as Nicole Steele realizes that just a few complaints in opposition to the GTTF cops are actually sustained. Moreover, little to no movement is taken in opposition to those cops. During his dialog with Jensen, Rayam highlights how the officers stole money from the residents and have been excused with little punishment.

Rayam reveals a 2009 incident of stealing money for which he was suspended with full pay. When he was reinstated to the stress, he was added to the GTTF. Rayam argues that every one the squad was involved in illegal actions akin to racketeering and theft. Thus, from Rayam’s testimony, it’s clear that the GTTF officers used their authority for personal useful properties and confirmed blatant disregard for police protocols and the residents’ rights.

In the episode’s remaining moments, Steele speaks with Daniel Hersl and tries to understand the state of policing inside the metropolis. Steele asks for Hersl’s insights on the police stress’s harsh actions on the streets. She questions Hersl regarding the large number of brutality complaints in opposition to him. However, Hersl argues that not one of many complaints have been sustained on account of the complaints are from criminals arrested by him. Ultimately, the DOJ’s investigation of the GTTF appears to be futile on account of it solely examines the severity of the officers’ actions. However, their corrupt actions keep hidden. Steele’s investigation is juxtaposed in opposition to Jensen’s, and further is being revealed regarding the depths of corruption all through the BPD.


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