Westworld’s Outliers, Explained


One of most likely a very powerful choices of HBO’s science-fiction sequence ‘Westworld’ is its depiction of the conflicts that come up between human beings and technological developments. Whether it’s Delos’ creation of the Hosts, Engerraund Serac’s AI system Rehoboam, or Charlotte Hale’s Tower, these improvements impact human existence considerably and even attain being the supreme powers. Still, there’s a bunch of people who manages to face up to the effectivity of these improvements. In the fifth episode of the fourth season, Hale affords with a gaggle named “outliers.” So, who exactly are the outliers? Let’s uncover out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Are the Outliers?

An outlier truly means a person who detaches away from a system. ‘Westworld’ introduces outliers inside the third season and so they’re definitely people who attain excluding themselves from a superior vitality or system. In season 3, Serac takes care of his AI system named Rehoboam, which controls human beings’ lives by foreseeing their future. After accumulating the data regarding individuals’ earlier and present, the AI system design future pathways for the respective individuals for a prosperous tomorrow. Rehoboam ensures prosperity to individuals who deserve it upon considering their actions and affirms the elimination of people who don’t contribute to the perfection of the long term.

By designing the way in which ahead for human beings and eliminating free will and explicit individual freedom to determine on, Rehoboam aspires to create a future that’s already scripted by the system. However, there are a gaggle of people that discover themselves out of Rehoboam’s attain. The AI system fails to conceive the long term pathways of these of us as a result of it cannot predict the actions of the similar group. Since their actions can fluctuate drastically, Rehoboam can’t understand them utterly and conceive a future for them. These anomalies are generally known as “outliers.” Since they’re previous the effectivity of a potent AI system like Rehoboam, Serac considers them as threats.

In the fourth season, Rehoboam doesn’t exist and Serac is out of the picture. Hale emerges because the model new tyrant on this planet and he or she creates the Tower, along with a lot of sounding devices positioned all through city, to emanate a particular sound that will enable her to handle human beings. The sound controls the parasites she has positioned in human brains, making the parents mere puppets of Hale. She can use the Tower to dictate every movement of the contaminated human beings. Hale doesn’t care in regards to the prosperous tomorrow and is simply fascinated with making human beings her toys like her species had been individuals’ toys inside the Westworld.

Still, a gaggle of people manages to face up to Hale and her Tower’s administration over them. Hale fails to handle their actions using the precise sound, which leaves them invulnerable to Hale’s authority. She refers to them as outliers as properly. Thus, inside the fourth season, outliers are the individuals who discover themselves previous the administration of Hale’s Tower and sounding devices. The solely choice to harm them is to do it manually and notably, which makes Hale ship a lot of hosts to kill them. Since Hale doesn’t have authority over them, they question the character of their actuality like Peter does.

Outliers are acutely aware of being managed by a superior energy, which makes them threats to the pseudo-reality Hale has created for individuals, generally known as the Walled Garden. They might make others acutely aware of the similar like Peter, who makes Christina question the character of her actuality. Outliers moreover make hosts acutely aware of a superior vitality’s administration over them, most important the latter group to alter into sentient. Hope and totally different hosts kill themselves upon realizing that the reality they keep in isn’t exactly what it seems to be.


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