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WFAA: Cassie Nova while I’m getting your attention


Dallas — In May 2020, we handed over the platform to Blackvoices in the North Texas community through a series called “While I Have Your Attention”.

Their courageous souls spoke against racial prejudice, racial violence, and systematic racism.

With another pride month celebrating the LGBTQ + community, we are once again handing over the platform to family, friends and neighbors, amplifying even more in the fight for equality in the United States.

Kathy Nova

“My mom and I were really up and down, because I had to first come out as a gay man and then as a drag queen.”

“When I found out I was gay, one of the first words that came out of her mouth was,’Well, don’t dress up like a woman.’ The real country. “

“When I was a kid, there was a movement called” mannequin. ” There was a guy named Hollywood Montrose, who was very gay. I loved the character. But it’s my uncle or someone, just go, “Hmm. F ** s.” And I just remember I’m not going to tell anyone that I’m gay. “

“Yes,’Close your heart. Close your heart.’Because they will disown you someday. They are a family, but don’t be obsessed. This doesn’t last forever. . ”

“My mother, who realized I was gay, crushed her. It crushed her. That is, it took me a long time to agree that I was gay. I couldn’t expect her to agree. I became gay in an instant. I also needed to give her time. “

“One day it was gay pride. At the end of the parade, it ended at Lee Park, and I remember being there, and it was just a full sea-it was just happy gay people. And I had a favorite moment, “This is something I lacked in my life.”

“I was working at Hanky’s … a burger shop in our little neighborhood. At that time I was a kind of very anti-drag queen. I said because the drag queen passed by. “By,” she turned around and said to me, “You are a weak little queen here. Please stay away.” … She really put me in my place, and I said, ” There is some power there. ” It was like opening my eyes. Drag is more than a man dressing up as a woman. “

“When I finally started dragging. It gave me a stage. It gave me a voice …. To get out of self-loathing. Self-injury and suicidal ideation-each of us it. At some point we thought, “It would be easier to kill ourselves than to come out as gay.” Today I have never considered suicide. I’m too strong “

“For young people who haven’t found the truth yet, your time will come.”

WFAA: Cassie Nova while I’m getting your attention

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