What did Adriana Martinez Reyes do? Mother of Uvalde college shooter Salvador Ramos arrested

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Adriana Martinez Reyes, the mother of the shooter inside the Robb Rudimentary slaughter in Uvalde, Texas, was captured in an abusive habits at residence related episode in Oklahoma, police talked about in a proclamation.

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, policing supposedly referred to as into the home of Adriana Martinez Reyes, 40, after she took steps to kill her sweetheart.


The mother of the Robb Rudimentary shooter was captured and accused of taking steps to play out an illustration of savagery, assault, and battery after her sweetheart, acknowledged as VI Alvarez, knowledgeable the answering official that Reyes took steps to kill him. Alvarez added that he was apprehensive he may very well be killed in his leisure.

According to NBC, when stood as a lot as by an official, Reyes apparently denied undermining her accomplice. Notwithstanding, Reyes was arrested after an observer verified the lover’s explanations.

Adriana Martinez Reyes confronted in a homegrown unsettling have an effect on for the subsequent time

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Adriana Martinez Reyes was captured in affiliation with an abusive habits at residence incidence after police answered an aggravation report in an Oklahoma residence not prolonged after 10 am.

Soon after, police captured and charged the mother of the Robb Rudimentary mass shooter after they discovered that she had taken steps to kill her accomplice. At the hour of the seize, Reyes apparently knowledgeable the officers she was the mother of the one who killed the youngsters inside the Uvalde, Texas, taking footage.

In May 2022, Reyes’ toddler, Salvador Ramos, started taking footage at Robb Grade School, killing 19 understudies and two educators. Her toddler was gunned down all through a showdown with the officers at the moment.

The new experience with policing the second time Reyes has been stood as a lot as in a homegrown aggravation episode this yr. On January 1, 2023, officers answered the identical residence for a comparative episode. She was not captured at the moment. In any case, Reyes was captured keep going yr on charges of jail trespass and a warrant for driving with an invalid enable.

Adriana Martinez Reyes was stood as a lot as by the Robb Rudimentary casualties’ family closing yr
According to media tales, whereas she was leaving the Uvalde Area Prison closing yr, the casualties’ family allegedly went up in direction of the mother of the mass shooter when she shouted once more, saying,

“You reserve no privilege to pass judgment on my child. No, you don’t! No, you don’t. May God pardon you all.”

Reyes had not too way back communicated humility for the passings of the casualties on account of her toddler. At that point, Reyes, whereas addressing the Spanish-language station Televisa, talked about:

“I have no words to say, I don’t have any idea what he was thinking. He had his purposes behind doing what he did. Kindly don’t pass judgment on him. I just need the blameless kids who died to excuse me. Excuse me, pardon my child. I realize he had his reasons.”
Following her new seize, Reyes, whose bond was set at $1,000, was moved to the Oklahoma District Prison.


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