What did Gogineni Rayudu do? Atlanta faculty bus driver launched on bond days after arrest

Gogineni Rayudu (56), an Atlanta faculty transport driver, was captured for breaking into and going into the place of a 10-year-old youthful woman on Tuesday, February 21. He, nonetheless, was out of jail by Thursday throughout the wake of posting his $20,000 bond.

The driver had purportedly broken into the house looking for the youthful woman on Monday, February 20. As per charging research, the “fixated” man strolled in by the doorway entryway of the family’s residence carrying gloves and requested the little little one.


Rayudu supposedly encountered the youthful woman’s mom, Cassie Cea, and acknowledged himself as a result of the youthful woman’s faculty transport driver and requested to see her. At the aim when the mother requested him for a goal for his shocking break and entry, the 56-year-old supposedly run away from the world.

The Atlanta Diary Constitution revealed that the individual was out of police care solely quite a few days after he was captured. This has left Cea upset, who petitioned for a controlling request in opposition to Gogineni Rayudu. She knowledgeable the Atlanta Diary Constitution on Friday, February 24:

The mother of a Cobb Province School Region understudy has petitioned for a limiting request after a university transport driver went into her residence looking for the 10-year-old. Further examination has uncovered the driving pressure’s stalkerish propensities in route of the youthful woman.

Cassie Cea, the mother, knowledgeable Atlanta Diary Constitution that her native security official knowledgeable her that Gogineni Rayudu, the driving pressure being referred to, had visited the world only a few events last month requesting her little lady.

Aside from visiting the world only a few events prolonged sooner than the startling prevalence, Rayudu had supposedly irritated her little lady with “bizarre inquiries” with regard to her family and neighborhood. At the aim when requested, the 10-year-old youthful woman acknowledged Gogineni Rayudu as a “extraordinary companion.”

As per Cassie Cea, Rayudu even modified her little lady’s seat on the transport so he might strive at her and converse collectively together with her. Cea knowledgeable the Atlanta Diary Constitution:

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what this fixation is with her, yet all I can imagine is in the event that I wasn’t there, what might have occurred?”

Following Rayudu’s compromising half into her residence, the concerned mother has been panicked to attempt to ship her little one to highschool. She knowledgeable the media provide:

The little little one’s mom assured that the faculty wouldn’t give her the title of the driving pressure when she reached them. Cobb Province School Locale, nonetheless, knowledgeable the Atlanta Constitution-Diary that they’re serving to out the police examination.

“We are collaborating completely with police as they carry out their examination. All subtleties can be affirmed through the capture warrant and Cobb PD who is finishing the examination. The transport driver isn’t serving Cobb understudies, forthcoming the result of the examination. We can’t remark further on this until the examination has been finished.”


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