What did Jennifer Nicole Long do? Alabama lady charged over son’s dying

On Walk 16, 2023, Jennifer Nicole Long, 41, of Hartselle, supposedly decrease her 8-year-old teenager to dying and left her dad injured.

The teenager was found at his residence with a blade to his chest, as per an assertion from the Morgan District Sheriff’s Office. Jennifer was captured on the crime location at spherical 5:30 a.m. on Town Drive close to Hartselle.


An assertion by the Morgan Region sheriff’s office referenced that at spherical 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, Morgan Region 911 obtained a wounding title. Officials answered the scene on Town Drive, helped by the Priceville Police Division. The assertion peruses:

“When on scene, delegates found a grown-up male experiencing a cut injury and one departed 8yr old kid.”
Law&Crime revealed that specialists acknowledged that Jennifer Nicole Long allegedly suggested the answering officers that her teenager was perished within the subsequent up room.

According to an affirmation obtained by Law&Crime, Jennifer’s dad requested the answering Representative Pepper to be careful for his grandson as he anticipated that his lady may harm the 8-year-old. The sworn assertion study:

“Subsequent to entering the home, delegates connected with a white female descending the steps inside the house. Agents requested the female to get on the ground, and she went along.”
The Related Press detailed that the courtroom recording states that delegates found the kid lying throughout the mattress of the precept room with a variety of decrease accidents and a blade jutting from his chest.

As per Law&Crime, Charles Long, Jennifer’s dad, who was wounded by her, obtained introductory treatment on the scene earlier to being carried to Huntsville Emergency clinic. As per property information in Morgan Area, Charles Long, 69, is the proprietor of the house the place the wrongdoing was carried out, positioned at 94 Settlement Drive.

Jennifer Nicole Long is accused of the capital homicide of her 8-year-old teenager. According to Alabama regulation, determination 13A-5-40(a)(15) states that the purposeful homicide of a kid beneath the age of 14 accommodates a potential capital punishment wrongdoing.

The Morgan Region sheriff’s office likewise detailed that additional bills are forthcoming, usually on the grounds of supposedly wounding her dad.

Yippee News detailed that in August 2021, Jennifer was saved for possession of methamphetamine, which Hartselle cops referenced having positioned all through a homegrown aggravation title. Again in Walk 2022, Jennifer was accused of public inebriation by the Sheriff’s Office.

Hurray News furthermore detailed {{that a}} testimony by Representative Celeste Sharbutt makes reference to that the agent addressed Jennifer Nicole Long assuming she was on any medicines, to which she answered that she ultimate took meth two days prior and has been alert for a variety of days.

As per Law&Crime, Tyler Weston Gardiner, the 8-year-old teenager of Jennifer Nicole Long, went to Priceville Primary School and was a third grader.

In a proof, Morgan District Schools Director Tracie Turrentine handed his sympathies and points on to the understudy’s members of the family.

He likewise referenced that at this powerful stretch, with the faculty native house adapting to the misfortune, assist administrations are being proposed to all individuals out of luck.

WAAY-television revealed {{that a}} neighbor, Ann Cole, acknowledged that the 8-year-old was referred to all individuals throughout the house as a sweet teenager.

As per a report by WAAY-television, the Morgan District Sheriff’s Public Data Official, Mike Swafford, declared that the division will give directing to the officers and staff researching this case.

Priceville Rudimentary Head Daniel Gullion educated that an emergency group might be on the college on Walk 17 and 20 to help the lamenting understudies.


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