What did Ronald Roldan do? Virginia man sentenced to 12 years over 2011 Bethany Decker homicide

On Tuesday, February 21, Ronald Roldan was condemned to 12-and-a-half years in jail for the 2011 homicide of sweetheart Bethany Anne Decker. He was condemned to 40 years of detainment by Judge Alfred Swersky, who later suspended each little factor apart from 12-and-a-half prolonged stretches of the sentence.

The Virginia occupant had conceded to Decker’s homicide in November 2022 and his sentence is essential for an of a blameworthy supplication that features a permission to the wrongdoing. Decker, who was a 21-year-old George Bricklayer College understudy on the hour of her homicide, was purportedly 5 months pregnant.


As per Fox News, Ronald Roldan conceded to killing Decker and discarding her physique in a waste disposal unit in the midst of the condemning listening to on Tuesday. He was at first accused of kidnapping, which was subsequently moved as a lot as second-degree homicide.

Roldan was furthermore indicted for going after yet one more lady in North Carolina, who was on the market on the condemning listening to on Tuesday.

In January 2011, earlier George Bricklayer College understudy Bethany Decker was accounted for missing after she was not tracked down in her Loudoun Province condominium. Her physique was rarely recuperated however Ronald Roldan as of late tackled the important thing of her vanishing by relating in courtroom docket how he ruthlessly killed his then accomplice.

As indicated by a report from WTOP News, Loudoun District Sheriff’s Office Criminal investigator Mark Shrubbery alluded to a recorded meeting on the province detainment cope with January 9 which gave extra subtleties on how Decker was killed. In the meeting, Roldan made sense of how he had discarded her physique by putting it proper right into a Christmas tree garbage sack and afterward proper right into a waste disposal unit.

This was the preliminary time in over 10 years that Decker’s family realized what befell her physique, which was rarely found. Investigators assured that Roldan not at all referred to as 911. Also, the casualty’s members of the family blamed the Virginia explicit individual for being oppressive and “controlling,” even supposedly undermining Decker and the remainder of the family.

On Tuesday, Bethany Decker’s grandma affirmed in courtroom docket that she was at her residence the prior evening time she was killed and was as far as anyone is conscious of remaining attributable to Ronald Roldan’s supposed badgering. Nonetheless, following a reputation, Decker speedily ran out of her grandma’s residence. This was the ultimate time the then-21-year-old’s grandma observed her alive. In courtroom docket, she talked about:

One additional casualty of Ronald Roldan was furthermore present on the condemning listening to and yelled obscenities at him as he was accompanied out in cuffs.


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